Ever heard of sex mission? Many people are familiar with Christian missions such as Gospel missions, medical missions, rural or diaspora missions, but not sex mission.

One of the ingenious ways by which Muslims advance their frontiers into Christian territories is by sex mission or sex jihad.

As an aspect of biological jihad, Sex mission is when Muslim men are sent into Christian communities as Sex Missionaries with the sole job description to have sex with Christian ladies.

By having sex with Christian ladies, they impregnate them, marry as many as they can and convert them to Islam (the rate of conversion to Islam by marriage is on the increase) and thereby giving birth to indigenous children who are Muslims. It is a strategy of naturalizing Islam in non-Muslim lands. By so doing, they produce indigenous Muslims with names like Chioma Abdulahi, Mary Abubakar, and so on.

These sex missionaries could be Tailors, Shoe makers/shiners, Maiguards, Keke riders, Okada riders and many of them sell stuff that attracts women such as wrappers, perfumes, chains and necklaces, suya and so on. In the process, they scout for vulnerable women to capture using charms like _touch and follow…

These sex missionaries are in every nook and corner of the southern regions and the main East; and many times their host communities are completely oblivious of their motives and mission.

Through sex mission, many so-called Christian girls/ladies are being impregnated daily, married, or even abducted. In every migrant settlements and trailer parks, girls from host communities are seductively trapped and abused. This strategy of biological jihad produces children that both native and alien, but Muslims.

Even as the Ramadan progresses, many sex missionaries who have taken positions in many non-Muslim communities will be heavily rewarded if they succeed in their mission to capture Christian girls, many who have become cheap articles for them.

Gospel missionaries should take note. Let us pay attention to this matter. Churches should confront this menace by sensitizing our Ladies. Those who are delayed in marriage, and careless poor girls who can fall for anything because of money. These sex jihadists are even in their numbers among students in tertiary institutions,bearing Yoruba names like Tayo,Leke,Sola,Ayo etc. We can safely infer here that there more to Muslim/Muslim ticket than politics.

From Michael Ekebi

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