silence of some of us during the time the infiltrators

Let me say it here, because I am reading some certain things on media right now, since I came back to this account.
Nothing justifies the silence of some of us during the time the infiltrators brought their lies and accusations against the struggle. I vehemently told us here that those saying focus, stop gossiping etc are part of the infiltrators camp. I saw all of them as one and some of them later choose their side and camped with the infiltrators.
Those that maintained absolute silence for months as we battled the infiltrators should not bring down brimstone when they are called out. You were wrong and should not be making noise. I can only ask those still angry about the silence of some of us to calm down, but what I can't do is to look at your angry faces over those calling you out and support you. IPOB at a time she suffered the highest attack, you maintained absolute silence, claimed you don't gossip and you want people to be happy. Do you know what people like me went through? Do you know how many people tagged me and called me names? Do you know how it feels for people to insult you because of your profession?
I understand that you guys were silent at first for a reason. Maybe ignorance of what was happening might be one of those reasons, but we can't also rule out friendship or rendering of help to some of us. Of course, it is not bad to receive gifts or respect friendship, but not at the detriment of what you believe in. We must not treasure personal friendship over our quest for freedom.
I once asked someone here where he stand, and he started telling me about respect for my superior. He even said I was given a little privilege and I am messing up. But those things are just diversionary. I was given no privilege. In fact, it is those that were given an office in IPOB that can be said to have been given some privilege. The post given to you in IPOB is just a privilege and never a right.
You just need to answer a simple question, and you are dancing around and saying things your weren't asked. You can't serve two masters at a time. In this struggle, you must be ready to lose friends. That's why it is a struggle.
The silence of some of us cost us much. When some of you were shouting gossip up and down, I was wondering if gossip has changed its meaning. Do you still believe we were gossiping? Have you all not seen that all we said about these infiltrators are all true.
I will only plead with some of us that are still angry over the silence of some of us during the heat period to calm down. And to those that were silent, together with them that shared bed with the infiltrators before they regained their senses, I have this message for you. We need to know what you know about these infiltrators. That's the only way you can regain yourself. Some of them are doing well already and must be encouraged to continue.
Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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