Simon Ekpa Is A Government Failed Project

Like the government introduced thugs into the #EndSARS protest and with it crippled the protest, they thought they can use same method on IPOB. They brought a pitiable e~rat who have been with the politicians and defending them until the end of 2019 to infiltrate IPOB, thinking they can use him to destroy the reputation of IPOB, and probably force the people into rejecting IPOB and embracing One Nigeria.
Did Ekpa and his colleagues make efforts to destroy the struggle? The answer is a yes. With lies and false allegations against IPOB, they nearly sailed through. Weak minded fellows joined them, together with those of them who were eager to see actions. Men who only think about actions without thinking about the implications of their actions fell to their wicked plans. They were fooled with empty rhetorics of this same loud mouth, who kept speaking empty words. The infiltrators really got some people fooled. And at the initial time, many were forced into the sidelines as to understand exactly what was really going on. Few wise men among them have seen the evil in them and started speaking out.
The reason for the introduction of the Umahi boy was a simple one. Use him to lure IPOB into taking actions that will not only destroy the integrity of IPOB, but also jeopardize the case of the IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. They wanted IPOB to take actions that will justify the invasion of Biafra land by Nigeria military. Don't forget that the only reason Nigeria gave when they brought in soldiers into #EndSARSProtest was that hoodlums have taken over the entire protest. They sold fake information that the protest has been hijacked, that's after they injected hoodlums into the protest. So if they can as well sell information that IPOB has been hijacked, they can as well use the same template they used during endsars against IPOB. But IPOB being so smart started dismantling the lies of the infiltrators. After the dismantling, IPOB then declared that Simon Ekpa is not working for IPOB. This was a big blow to this government project.
As it stands now, everything Nigeria government wanted to use Ekpa to do has completely failed, and woofuly too. When they get tired of using him, they will stop. So far, all their efforts has been crippled. IPOB was built on a strong foundation.
Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher and Activist, 2022.

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