Slaves In Their Father Land

We are totally helpless
Stock in a country under hostage
Filled with hostilities.
Under a people who have no regard for life.
We are completely overwhelmed.
Right in their minds, they see us as slaves,
and they mock us with that.
You can't rule us, they will always say.
We will continue ruling you, is what they always brag with

If you ever challenge them,
something bad happens to you
They will either kidnap you or kill you
When they dump you in a cage,
they don't care about anything
They disobey court orders
and say to hell with the Constitution.
While they do this, they not only free Boko Haram members held in prison
They recruit them into the military and pay them

The hopeless situation has broken our brothers
They now work for them
They accepted to be pitiable slaves,
only to work against their people
They are now killer agents killing their brothers for their slave masters

This they do just to be above others
To free our people, we have become endangered They have weaponized some of our people
and turn them against us
It is a mind game
While they are full of evil,
they think of themselves as good
Tell them the truth, they threaten you
They have eaten the evil fruit and their bodies contaminated

Oh, what a pitiable situation we found ourselves The worse is that some can't still understand it What exactly can we boast of?
An individual four-story building, built without plans
Nothing to show for it
We don't have ordinary good roads
And 30-year-olds have not even entered the train in their own lands
That's when the same country is constructing massive railways for another country

The worse thing that can happen to a man
is not knowing he is a stinking slave
Pity ourselves brothers
You are just a stinking slave to them ruling this country

I am pained that you don't know you are a slave in your own land
Your salvation starts the moment you realize you're a pathetic slave

Oh, Biafra. Where are you
Only you can save us all
Come Oh Biafra come
I am thirsty, thirsty for you 😭❤️

Elochukwu Ohagi Official, Philosopher, Teacher, and Activist, 2022.

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