The attention of the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of the great indefatigable liberator Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KANU has been drawn to the constant and numerous massacre and scores of our people in Aguamede community Ehamufu in Isiuzo Council area of Enugu (Enugwu) state.

The traditional Ruler Igwe Christopher Nnamani, President General and youth leader of Ehamufu and its environs contributed in heavy measure for the fulani MASSACRE in their community, these people joined hands with Nigeria Government and chased ESN operatives out from their community in their desperation to ensure that fulani take over the community and ESN operatives was moved out and fulani came in to massacre them. ESN will not come again, you allowed fulani terrorists to come, ESN was esterblished and send batch of ESN security outfit into their communities but ESN was attacked by the community and many ESN members and IPOB members were killed and detained by the community and youth of the community. The communities involved has discovered scores of dead bodies who were massacred by Fulani jihadists and foot soldiers.

Any community that purshed ESN operatives out from their place should not expect ESN operatives back to their home and they should wait for IPOB to ask them questions at appropriate time.

The Nigeria military and police have failed to respond because they are behind and in support of the attacks by the Fulani terrorists who are massacring innocent citizens of Enugu(Enugwu) State. We are not sure that they are not directly responsible for the massacres and mayhem witnessed by our people in Enugwu Provence.

We want to let everyone know that these communities should know that because ESN is not coming to defend them since Nigeria they collaborated with the military and police to fight ESN and today they military has refused to come to their help.

IPOB and ESN are not coming for them but let the Agendist and Nigeria army and police not blame ESN for not coming to the defense of our people in that area of our land. Our men in the communities were massacred in cold-blood without any reason and we promise them that fulani will take over their in no distance time then that ESN will revenge their death whether NO way the fulani terrorist military and police like to support fulani to continue eliminating them.

IPOB is making it open to ESN operatives not to move to these communities in Enugu State because we cannot afford to defend them while they don't want us fulani must continue eliminating them because nobody is challenging them. Biafrans you must ask the traditional Ruler why they removed ESN from their place

Again the numerous attacks and kidnapping going on in "four corner" Enugwu State were perpetrated by commander of 82 division, Major General Umar Musa and commissioner of place, the newly army commander was transferred from Kaduna State to Enugwu to ensure he gives cover to fulani jihadists to continue the elimination of Ndigbo.

We are aware that not less than 10 persons were killed by herdsmen in Aguamede Community, Ehamufu town of Isi Uzo Local Government Area of Enugwu State in particular. We mourn them but ESN won't come!

The communities' indigenes told us that the attack began on Saturday and continued on Monday afternoon and that more than 100 innocent men and women were murdered in cold-blood without reason in those areas of the State. The order and instruction has been given to ESN operatives not to move to these areas except "four corners" where fulani kidnappers were rampaging and destroying innocent citizens of Biafra. We wonder why fulani terrorists would be operating behind army and police check points.

We are calling our people both home and abroad to assist us to fight this battle ahead with fulani terrorists in some part of Enugwu State like four corner and its environs.

Among those killed in one particular community were six women and four men while five others sustained machete injuries on several parts of their bodies and were later sent to the hospital.

The area has witnessed constant attacks since the ESN camps were removed in their place from past year the fulani terrrorists masquerading as herdsmen has been killing them without mercy the traditional Ruler and his carbinate rascalities has questions to answer and they have been invading the Agrarian communities from neighbouring Benue State.

The community has said that the terrorizing herders invaded the community with the intention to kill every male person.

They said that the attack on Monday lasted for over four hours with security agents refusing to intervene.

The attack that lasted for over 4 hours at the time is also believed to be ongoing. Yet no police, army or any other group of security agents is present in those communities even now, but if ESN operatives were present, the Nigeria security agencies will come out to show their muscles. But as it stands, ESN will not come but we'll them questions for the rubbish. What we need is information about these marauding fulani terrorists.

These terrorists came to wipe out entire communites but these communities did not know before that it was a plan to bring in fulani to come and take over their land. The Nigeria Army and police were camped out to support and back up the terrorists. Nobody should blame IPOB and ESN for what is going to happen in that area in the near future.

Nigeria Government and police commissioner in Enugwu prepare your propaganda because we must curtel this criminality and senseless killing must stop in our land.


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