Some of you staying abroad are the problem

I have come to understand that some of you think that war is a tea cup party. I have come to understand that some of you are too ignorant not to understand that war is not a high school riot, where students brag in front of soldiers and spit on their faces. That is why some of you are there in abroad and on social media messing up.

You think Nigería have lost the fact that they are called giant of Africa. You think Nigeria is just like Ghana or Cameroon. In case you have forgotten, let me remind you. Nigería is still that devil's home country. Nigería is still that country that commit genocide like pouring out cups of water.

I know why I supported the struggle led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and will continue to do just that. That's because I know he had a perfect understanding of Nigería. And with nothing he has been a torn on the flesh of Nigería. How did he achieve that? Because he has been banking on the weak points of Nigería and their foolish mistakes. That's why he is winning and will continue to win.

Let me shock you....

Do you know that had it been Fulanii tribe is not what they are, a land grabbing maniacs who don't care about your lives, and maybe decide to do just the right thing. Give autonomy back to indigenous people. And the slaves you have back home decides to be leaders for once, start protecting their own people and stop looting and errect necessary things needed for national growth, the majority of the masses will decide to have Biafra within the geographical Nigería space? The future might still open up a referendum, but it might fail like that of Scotland. You don't need to believe it, but there are reasons why America is so big and wonderful and other neighbouring states are still asking for the opportunity to belong to that state. That's because right things are done there.

Such would have been the case of Nigería if not that she was created to self destroy itself. Imagine a healthy competition among the ethnic groups and tribes in this fake union. Imagine a situation were tribes are roped in same region and have their destinies in their own very hands. Don't you think here would have been great? But Britain don't want such things, and they are using the Fulanii to achieve that knowing fully well that in this continuous squabble among these Africans, they will be unable to control their resources, and Britain will be forever in charge.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have mastered all these and he has been using it systematically and strategically to destroy the fake unity. That is why he said that with truth alone, he will destroy Nigería. Truth is the greatest weapon he has against Nigería. This is why Nigería will always arrest who is saying the truth. This is why Nigería detest the truth about their history. Saying the truth is tantamount to using Nigería to destroy Nigería. This is why I said that the destroyers of One Nigería are never the agitators, but those that are leading one Nigería.
Both Britain and Nigería government understood how deadly the method of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is using are, reason they are bent on destroying it.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu started a non violent freedom movement. Yet this nonviolent freedom movement were able to have Eastern Security Network (ESN), without the world frowning at it. How did you think such happened? He took advantage of the stupidity of Igbo leaders and the selfish quest to conquer of the Fulanii to do that. The Fulanii herdsmen have been kîlling Biafrans in their own farms. They have been attacking communities and kîlling lots of people, with Igbo governors doing nothing. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu mounted a campaign against the kîlling of Biafrans and Christians by the Fulanii herdsmen, aided by Fulanii led Nigería government. Did he stop at that? No, he employed the services of a USA lobbying firm, paying 85k dollars every month. These lobbying firm did a great job in reaching out to the powers that be abroad, and notifying them about the atrocities of the Fulanii herdsmen terrorists and the Nigería government.

With this, Nigería government received many sanctions and American government refused to supply them with weapons. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu under IPOB wrote an official letter to the South East Governors asking them to form a security outfit that can defend and protect Biafrans from the attacks of the Fulanii herdsmen terrorists, like the Amotekun in the West. But the governors in a statement said that South East don't need a security outfit. With this dumb statement from the dumb governors, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu established ESN. Have you seen any international community speak against the formation of ESN? They know the importance of self defence. They know that the people have to defend themselves against the rampaging Fulanii. And Mazi Nnamdi Kanu made it clear that ESN is meant to stay only in the Bush and have only one duty, which is to defend the people against the Fulanii herdsmen terrorists. That alone is a master stroke.

Have you asked yourself why unknown gunmen started? Have you asked yourself why the recruitment of infiltrators into IPOB? Have you asked yourself why some elements want you to start acting recklessly? Have you asked why they staged a war against IPOB discipline rule, using the autopilot movement? Have you asked why they are against your command and control mantra? Have you asked why they are fighting day and night to destroy IPOB leadership? Have you asked why the blackmail and some people working to give the blackmail a footing ground with their autopilot actions?

That's because they know that your weapon against them is your ability to be discipline, follow one chain of command and do exactly what flows from that chain of command. To destroy IPOB, these things must be destroyed. And to do this, people like Nelly Ofoegbu, Simon Ekpa and the rest of them have to be recruited. And these people have waged war on discipline, command and control and then the leadership. All the rock upon IPOB stood on has been under attack by these elements. And they do this while answering Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's disciple. They do this while telling some of you what you want to hear. Suddenly, they are telling you that using lobbyists is nonsense and the person that did it is a crimînal. Practically, your own leader in the DSS dungeon have been called a crimînal for employing lobbyists to speak discreetly for you, in a world every news media don't want to hear anything about your plight. Recently all the social media giants have mounted lots of attack on your message of Biafra, and yet you fail to understand the power of lobbyists in this struggle. They tell you about buying equipments, and I asked you this question. Have IPOB not been buying equipments? Is ESN using woods to defend Biafra lands.

I really don't know why we are wasting our time with idiiots that can't reason properly. But are we going to keep quiet and have these people destroy what many of us have paid the ultimate prize for?
Some of you shouting war war up and down are pure ignorant morons that understand nothing about war.
You are in abroad shouting war, but ordinary discipline you are not. You make noise, but you haven't hard the sound of double barrel in the last 10 years. This is what little children in Orlu are hearing every day. Some of them have died, but you are somewhere in America making noise. Some of you are so foolish that you think war is executed with just 50 people giving you 10k dollars. Do you know for how long IPOB has been contributing for defence funds? Do you know how many family houses and members IPOB have in Nigería and across the globe? Do you know how large this family of God is? But some how you think a group of Internet scammers that are not up to 1000 people can execute a war. That are people that can't call out up to 300 hundred men in Ariaria market Aba. You think war is fought with few recruited crimînals who go about kidnapping and kîlling their own people. You guys are dumb.

What they want is to trivialise this struggle, make it look like a joke and rubbish everything MNK has sacrificed for. Did he not say that he won't disappoint you, but you will disappoint him? I tell you this, if care is not taken, this generation might disappoint this man.

It is upon this platform I am standing to warn everyone that have the interest of freedom to talk to himself now. I am calling on the leadership of this struggle to keep doing more and more. Kanunta Kanu should be sent to where he belong. That kanunta Kanu is a a brother to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the reason he must be sanctioned immediately. Kanunta Kanu should be used as an example. When Kanunta Kanu is disciplined properly, then others will understand that not even Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's brother can come to IPOB and act anyhow. The strength of this struggle is discipline, obedience to the leadership, truth and command and control. This is the guiding principle and must be guided properly.

Nnannaya Anya is not above the law. She should advise herself properly. There is nothing like I am answerable only to MNK. When MNK is not around, DOS led by Chika Edoziem is in charge. And you are under his command. You take instructions from him. The leadership must correct how information comes and travel from the lawyers. The lawyers must also show discipline and give information only to the leadership and not to any idiiot staying anywhere.

Some of you staying abroad are the problem. And most of you back home will always see them as gods. Nonsense.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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