Stolen From The Minds Of The Fulani (Part 3)

There is no way we can defeat them without using them to defeat themselves. This their leader is very intelligent, yes we know. He built the group on a strong stone. He gave them principles and structure. A kind of indestructible structure.

Instead of a deputy, he gave them DOS, a parliament of a kind. Now it is very difficult for us to penetrate. It would have been different and easy, if he still have a deputy. Is it not his former deputy that is now disgracing himself on social media? We got his prize and used it perfectly. Now he is shameless.

Now that we have their leader, it would have been easy for us to get his deputy and use him commit blunder and destroy the group. How can we get a more than 40 people to agree to a blunder at the same time? This is one of the wisdom of their leader.

But we had it covered. We have successfully kept their leader away from talking to them for almost a year. We will implant someone, and use him to get them do what we want. There is nothing media can't do. We project him as their new leader. He will talk tough and tough and with money we will fool lots of them. We moved with this plan. We got some people and they acted well. We used the media to declare him the new leader. We got some people to rebel against the command and control. We accused their leadership of selling out their leader, using those that actually helped us in getting their leader. And this made some of their units to fall apart, especially those of them USA. They created Autopilot and we funded them through their sham monthly fundraising. It was walking well until group of media hard heads their leader trusted so much rose up to destroy our plan. They exposed all the lies we created. The fake ESN is down. The fake Mbranch is no where to be seen and all our games with the infiltrators we created among them destroyed and Isolated.

We are actually behind time and we are desperate. What is remaining is to blackmail them. How can we attack Igbo youths and have some sizeable number of their people support us. We need to put things aright. We need the soldiers from Igbo land to stand with us in this attack. We don't have problem with their politicians and those supporting the politicians. Are they not the ones we used to proscribe them, even when they had no weapons? We kịlled their youths and still got them to proscribe their own youths. They are not a problem at all to us. They are in with us in the plan to capture their leader and still with us in holding him hostage. Forget the appeal they are making to have him released by their political leaders. That's simply a game of the more you look the less you see. They are our slaves and nothing else.

Like I said, the problem remain those of their people in the military. We might risk uprising should we go after their youths as to teach them a lesson. What then shall we do? We need to plan a big blackmail. Kị́ll our own and say they did it. You know their people are too emotional and their leaders sellouts. We kịlled our own, spoke Igbo on the video, say they are unknown gun men and they were all fooled. Their brothers in the army will be angry about what happened and will want a revenge. Their people will be mad. And they will criticize IPOB and call for us to invade and wipe off villages. We used the same method during the civil war to divide their heartland with the coast lands and we are doing it again.

Oh, it worked. Perfect. Looking at the social media, I can see them calling on us to use the air force. What a people. We are coming. This time, we will use their own soldiers against them. They will kị́ll themselves. After that exercise, we will invite our Fulanii herdsmen jihadist brothers to do the rest of the job. We will keep telling the world how we are on top of the game against the bandits. At that time, we would have made sure no ESN and no resistance will stand on our way. We will look the other way and make sure the military does nothing. Don't forget that we are already using them in the middle belt. We are wiping off villages and replacing them with our brothers from across West Africa and no one is complaining. The ones that talked, we closed their eyes. Where is Obadiah Milafia? Haven't we renamed our terro-rist brothers to bandits as to shield our aim and identity. Is it not the same southern dominated media that are helping us in this game? All we did was to budget more money in information than agriculture. We gave them money and they became our tool to conquer their own lands.

By the time we are done, you all will wish you didn't help us destroy your defence lines. You will wake up and see that the Fulanii has taken over. We don't care about your economy and your oil wealth. We will use the proceeds to conquer you and when that is done, we will use your ancestral lands to rear our cattle and cows. And urinate on the graves of your ancestors.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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