We the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably lead by Onyendu, Mazi Nnamdi KANU condemn the ongoing attacks by the Nigeria Security Agencies and Ebubeagu militia against civilians in peaceful Communities in Okigwe Provence of Imo State since one week.

The Nigeria Army, Police, and Ebubeagu invaded Aku, Umulolo, and Ihube Communities in Okigwe LGA last week, killing people, abducting innocent citizens, and burning down properties. The surviving residents have abandoned their homes for the fear of being abducted or shot dead. We are not pleased with what Hope Uzodinma and his collaborators have turned peaceful Imo State into. We don't understand what Imo indigenes did to Hope Uzodinma and his political rivals that warrants these reckless killings and destruction from the man who claims to be a governor.

We find what is happening very distasteful and distressing. Imo people are dying every day and night under the supervision of Vampire Hope Uzodinma.
We are aware that many politicians in Imo State, the likes of Emeka Ihedioha, Ifeanyi Ararume, Rochas Okorocha, and many others contributed in the insecurity in Imo State because of the political fighting and power struggle that emanated from illegal imposition of Hope Uzodinma as Governor by the Nigeria Supreme Court.

IPOB intelligence unit intercepted the political conspiracy against the imposed Supreme Court Governor.

These men hired armed militias from Niger Delta to do their bidding. In turn, Hope Uzodinma hired and recruited some militants from the same Niger Delta territory his fulanized Ebubeagu militia. These rival political armed groups have turned peaceful Imo State into a war zone.

As these polititcians fight their political rivals, the Nigeria Government capitalize on it to blackmail IPOB. Anytime Nigeria Security agents attack the camps of these political thugs and make an arrested, they are paraded, and they are told to claim to be working for IPOB or ESN as a bargain for lesser punishment or for a softer landing. In the process of attacking these political criminal camps, neighboring communites are razed and innocent people killed by invading terrorists soldiers. We know that the Nigeria government and her compromised security agencies are humiliating our people to spite and show hate for Mazi Nnamdi KANU and the Biafra struggle. Unfortunately, to them, our people understand the truth and the gimmicks of our enemies.

We are calling on these cannibals in Imo State to stop their power tussle to avoid spreading sponsored insecurity to other States in Biafraland. IPOB will never be happy with them because they have not only empoverished our people but also have killed a lot of people.

The killings going on in Okigwe may escalate if they don't stop it.

We want to let them know, especially Hope Uzodinma, that no matter what they do, they can not kill every Imo State indigene and will never succeed in handing over any part of Biafra land to the janjaweeds.

The Nigeria Terrorists invaded Ihube, Aku, and Umulolo in Okigwe LGA of Imo State in the last one week, killing innocent villagers and burning people's properties. Nigeria soldiers always leave behind the same footprints like Fulani terrorists anytime they invade and attack any community in Biafra land. They leave tears and blood with ashes of burnt properties.

The terrorist soldiers killed and maimed the innocent villagers in the disguise of looking for ESN. In reality, ESN doesn't have camp in Okigwe area, neither do we support criminals terrorizing the communities. It is unprofessional for Nigeria military to invade and destroy peaceful communities with their military, armored tankers in search of political hoodlums' camps. What is the crime of innocent communites that warranted the deployment of heavy military hardware to destroy many lives and properties?

We call on International Community and Foreign Diplomats in Nigeria to prevail upon the Nigeria military to stop their barbarism in Biafra communites, especially in those in Imo state.
There is no amount of blackmail or sponsored attacks that will distract IPOB from the goal of restoring a safe and independent state of Biafra.


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