Story I've never told before but once..

First night I got into Lagos I was having issues contacting the person I was supposed to stay in her house.

Her number wasn't connecting and It was 10pm in the night. I had no where to go. I was scared to tell my ordeal to anyone so they don't take advantage of it and harm me, based on a the razz stories I've head about Lagos.

I located a church nearby. Entered it. Saw women and few guys. It was a Friday night and they were doing night vigil.

I entered, explained to one of the women why I'm in the church and that I don't mind joining them for the night vigil as long as I get to spend the night in the church and not out there in the cold dangerous night. She looked at me from head to toe, Called another woman I guess was the pastor's wife..They both looked at me..

When they were done..They said..
You're on trousers, we don't allow people wearing trousers inside the church premises.. I begged one of them to give me her wrapper so I can cover the trouser but she refused and asked me out of the church...

Time was approaching 11pm..
I made them understand I be JJC for Lagos, explained every damn thing to them..But they cared less and gave me the look " see her, prostitute, e be like she no see customer"

With shaky legs full of fear and anxiety I left the church...

Located another church..This one was well built, had a gigantic gate..
I knocked on the gate..Gate man opened and asked who I was. I explained my plight to him..He went inside..Like he spoke to someone. He got back and said my oga no gree ooo..

As I was leaving, he saw how scared I was..Told me to stop..He called a friend of his..Like he begged the guy to help me since he lives nearby..

The guy came. I looked at the guy who came..He looked razzed with dreadlocks hair..I became scared to follow him..He said no worry.. I won't hurt you..

My head didn't want to follow him,
But my heart accepted him..So I followed him..Got to his one room apartment..By then it was getting to 12am in the morning..I was exhausted and needed rest..But was too scared to close my eyes..

The guy looked at me again.. Smiled then told me to sleep, that he won't harm me, but that the only thing is, his guys will be coming over later in the night...

They usually gather to smoke igboo (weed). So, they will be smoking Igboo. He's sorry if the smell of the Igboo would disturb me, that I should please manage..

I told him it's fine by me..
See me, I get choice to get angry at them?

Later that night, 4 extra guys came to his house..They stayed at a corner and smoked Igboo ehhh..They smoked till 2am.. I had to wake up and lecture them they were over doing it..

Nobe so..
Because at some point I felt free with them..They said, abeg this last one...They all had another wrap each..After they were done...
They all laid on the floor and slept off.. It was only me lying on the bed..

What's the point in this my story?

I've always believed church is a safe place that doesn't discriminate..
Always ready to welcome whom and whenever..But what did I get in return? Rejection...

Look at the guy who finally helped me..Someone you will look at, just one glance you conclude this one is €vil or this one na th!ef.

See this life..It's not painted in white and black...Do not assume people are good or bad based on their appearance till you've had encounter with them...

Whatever you do in life, always know it's humanity first...If you have the means to help, always do..

That's the reason I'm one person who will never k!ll myself over church issues in Nigeria I know nothing about...
Whatever you make of this story, take it like that

Emehana Chizoba

Twitter: @oluchristty

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