Struggle For Freedom Is Not A Tea Party

When Biafrá freedom is talked about some people think it is just an easy task.

This is the time for everyone to drop emotions.

The first mistake some people made when MNK was kîdnapped was dedicating their time to shouting about who betrayed MNK.

They made it look like Britain doesn't have records of who left their country and where the person travelled to. They kept pushing accusations and emotional individuals supporting them.

How can Lawyers win cases in court, and the Nïgeriàn government refuses to obey the court order, only for you to turn around to blame the lawyers? What did you expect them to do? Did they not get a judgement? You wanted them to go and bring down the walls of the DSS dungeon. Every one of you who blamed the lawyers is not emotionally ready for the struggle.

The call for Bïafra is stepping on the toes of many dangerous people both locally and internationally.

In Igbo land, few people are enjoying the little resources coming into Igbo land. Some of them have oil contracts they are enjoying. Some are already in government while others have hope that tomorrow they will get in and start looting. Your call for Biafra threatens these people. It is an overthrow for them. Do you think if you get this Biafra these guys will still enjoy what they are enjoying today in this corrupt Nigerîa? If you are a senator in a country where billions will be given to you in the name of a constituency project, without any form of accountability, will you support the disintegration of such a country? These are questions you need to ask yourself if you want to understand the true nature of things.

These people want MNK to drop his agitation or at least compromise. They are spending billions lobbying and bribing people to make sure MNK remains in detention. Lots of Igbo big men with connections with government contracts are involved in this.

The federal government of Ñigeria who has done nothing other than impoverish their people is also against the truth MNK is saying. What of Britain and other groups of interest eating from Nïgeria resources? None of these people want MNK out.

The only way MNK will be out will come from collective effort. This is like the body parts working together for the success of the entire body. Just as the leg can't take the glory alone for running away to save the head, no part in this struggle can claim to have been the reason behind the results we are getting. That's because while the legs are running, the brain residing in the head is also doing the thinking.

In this struggle, the leadership has been doing their job. The media warriors, followers, supporters, and the legal team are all doing something. And it is the collective efforts of these people that are behind the success of the struggle.

IPOB leader is certainly determined. He has refused to compromise or give up. This is why they are keeping him till now. But a time is fast approaching when they will have no more option than release.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher and Activist, 2024.

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