Tell your children the truth!

Tell them it all began in Egypt (advanced civilization, science, math, philosophy, religion, architecture). Tell them the first Egyptians were black, nothing to do with Hollywood movies.
Tell them Christopher Columbus did not discover the A.mericas, that Mansa Musa, the Malian, was the richest man in the world, that the Black Egy.ptians were the first to travel the world, that they discovered Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania!
Tell them it's in E.gypt that the meter was invented from the measure of a drop of water, that pi (3,14) and the number of gold were invented in Egypt as well as many geometric theorems attributed to Pythagoras and Thales, yet Imotep, the greatest of scholars, remains unknown to history books!
Tell them that the Ancestor of H.umanity was discovered in Africa, that many of the inventions of this world were made with the participation of Black people who were never mentioned!
Tell them Africa had a handwriting before the first ships and missionaries arrived. Tell them that union alone can guarantee our survival and rehire us to the greatest, that concrete was invented in Egypt and not by the masons not at all frank!
Tell them that after arranging punitive expeditions to loot us from our artwork for W.estern museums with the key to thousands of d.eaths, they also v.andalize our cultural heritage by breaking the noses of Egyptian statues so we don't recognize The wrecked nose of a Kemite, palpable proof that ancient Egypt was black!
Tell them to work not wait for the manna that will fall from heaven, it never fell! Tell them to believe our ancestors because they are the only ones who can intercede with the creator in our favor!
Tell them not to hate the other when they find out the truth of a fa.lsified story but to forgive.
We have to tell our children the truth because it is the only way to overturn the vapor of psychological domination of other races over ours. Our skin color is not Cham's cu.rse, yes, tell them that real p.overty is not subjective but objective.

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