Terr-orize The People And Make Them Fall Out Of Love With IPOB Has Been The Plan

The greatest undoing of the Nigería government was that over the years they have dealt with Ndi Igbo. They don't like ndi Igbo, and still went further to show them they don't like them. Nigería government has used even the most ridiculous of things to show the Igbo man that he is hated. The Igbo man does virtually everything outside his region. He has to import goods through Lagos before he can bring it to South East. And while bringing them down, there are litany of Nigería security littering the roads. They extort them heavily. Everything in Nigería shows that they see Igbo as a conquered people. Nigería has constructed railways for every region, including a neighbouring country, and denied the Igbo of such railway. Even ordinary federal roads in South East is nothing to write home about. You just need to come to Onitsha Owerri Road to understand what I am talking about.

Any one bearing Igbo name is seen as a second class citizen. Many Igbo people have changed their names and some dropped their Igbo names just to get grants and loans from Nigería government. There is nothing they haven't done to the Igbo.

As it stands now, even a primary school boy in the East knows that Nigería doesn't belong to him. So this is the biggest problem facing Nigería government. They desperately need the people to fell out of love with IPOB. That was exactly the reason infiltrators were born. To terrorize the people and make them speak against IPOB. That was the reason they claimed they are in charge of ESN. Recall that as they were claiming this, there are crimînals on ground terrorising our people in the name of ESN. There are also people claiming to be enforcing sit at home, destroying people's goods and burning cars. They also threw up blackmails. Lots of people kîlled including an Army Officer and his wife. They were kîlled in a most horrendous and barbaric manner. And the media kept blaming it on IPOB. The same media that blamed IPOB of the things happening, was also presenting the Finland guy as the new leader of IPOB, but none of them will blame the same guy for what is happening. It was really a perfect plan.

Instead of Nigería government using good governance, equity and fair play to try and win the heart of the Igbo, they instead want to use terrorism, Intimidation and blackmail to induce the people into denying their own freedom. This is where they failed it. Not only that the common Igbo man can reason for himself, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has also set up a group of media people that can always educate our people. This is why Nigería will fail in their dub-ious game against IPOB.

Their 2023 game has been exposed also. They are again using the few unthinking people to try their luck in 2023. Those of them that think it is same plan and strategy all the time are being used to cause IPOB pains but they will fail. A freedom fighter must be dynamic and strategic. He must understand that what worked yesterday might not work today. They must understand that a sit at home can be called and called off. They must understand these things as not to be used as a tool of destruction against their own freedom. That IPOB is still under chain of command means that IPOB has defeated them.

If you let Nigería government, they will use 2023 to score points that will hurt IPOB. They only need to use some unthinking fools to shout no election. When that is achieved, then they will start kîlling some people connected to the election and blame it on IPOB. When that is done, the 2023 election will be rigged and zoo media will start writing how IPOB Caused Peter Obi the election. Then the people that supported Obi will pick it up and stand with the government that rigged them out against IPOB.

There is a plan to fool people. You must distance yourself from anything election. You must make it known that you have no interest on who wins or loses. Meaning that you have no business going after anybody. You must tell the world that any attack against anybody has government backing. You must sustain the campaign. If IPOB is not interested in the election, they won't waste time disturbing anybody. Even when IPOB called for boycott of election, they made it clear that such doesn't mean disruption.

We must not allow them sway the sentiments of the people with their dub-ious games.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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