infiltrators have been defeated

Remember I told you that infiltrators have been defeated, and that I won't be talking about them, unless it is to recount how they were defeated. But it is good we also from time to time point us to the reasons I said they have been defeated and at the same time warn our people against their activities.

I think I told you that these guys were never in the struggle from day one. They were sent to infiltrate the struggle. It is no coincidence that Mr Ekpa and Nelly joined the struggle in 2019. Those that thought Mr Ekpa was bought over along the line are wrong. When Mazi Nnamdi Kanu told Mr Ekpa not to allow Satan enter him, he is already with Satan. That statement from Mazi Nnamdi Kanu shows that he is doubtful of his genuineness. That statement offered him opportunity to become a good man and at least disappoint those that recruited him and face the people that have come to embrace and love him. But as a dub-ious son of the Satan, he is not moved. The plan was to get to the soul of the people and hijack it. And that was exactly what happened.

But recently, the events of today shows that these people are running out of time. And the government has lost interest in their ability to have IPOB leadership destroyed. So they withdrew funding, thereby forcing them to start scampering for funds. They had all the time to destroy IPOB and scatter it from within but failed. It is a year after the extraordinary rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and they couldn't destroy the struggle. He even bragged how after 28 February 2022 he will destroy IPOB leadership. After his vote of no confidence on IPOB leadership, the struggle is still here and stronger. The plan is scatter the head, kîll MNK or release him a no body. But they woefully failed the government that recruited them.

What do you think is the reason Mr Ekpa is suddenly asking for 1000 men and women that will be paying him 100 dollars every month? Why did he after two weeks of making this request also came up with 50 people that can pay him 10k dollars each every month for 6 months, so he can give you Biafra in the end of 2023. What happened to media warriors fundraising and ESN fundraising he has been conducting? Is it that people are not turning up? The same man that told you he knew when Biafra will come is not telling you that if 50 men give him 10k dollars for 6 months, he will give you Biafra before the end of 2023. Why are you guys not asking questions? The answer is very simple... He is running out of cash because of the withdrawal of the government support. The government understand that they have failed and can't deliver. It is never easy to sustain lies and you need lots of money to maintain liars lying for you.

For the past 10 years, IPOB media has been here. They kept pushing because they are defending the truth. They weren't paid and they are using their sweat and time to do what they do. And someone thought he will get dub-ious men, pay them and use them to defeat an army of volunteers. Where is it done? Did you notice that most of their lying mouths are either weak or silent?

Imagine telling people that if they give him 10k dollars every month for six months, he will give them Biafra in the end of 2023? The guy now take all of them for fools. Biafra is that easy, and we have not gotten Biafra since. You think to 50 people giving you 50k dollars every month for six months can execute a war? What is your 10k dollars compared to oil money? Why are people this foo-lish and stupiid? Dub-ious crimînals toiling with lives of the people.

Well, I don't blame him at all. I blame those who think a non IPOB member suddenly is in charge of ESN that was established, created funded by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, DOS and IPOB worldwide. These events have made me conclude that some of our people can't reason properly. They are lower in reasoning than Almajiri.

You think suddenly those men who are IPOB members before they joined ESN will suddenly start taking others from a woman and a non registered IPOB member? Shame on all of you. Shame. After using the government agents and the money paid them by the government to recruit few crimînals, and arm them, you let yourselves to be fooled by them.

The activities of these infiltrators have led to the death of lots of our people. They have put lots of communities in danger. Their men are now desperately kidnapping our people going to the village along Ezinifite Igboukwu Road. Communities in Igbo land should be vigilant. Don't allow these crimînals camp in your community, as they are working with the government. Any community the military want to attack, they first ask them to go their and camp there.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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