Many family have had a victim of scam either locally or internationally. May I state that one of the most potent weapon of this scammers is their ability to make you believe them completely and shot every other person in your life off. This is their trick of exploitations. It reminds me in the past when my sister was a victim, it happened when she wants to get married, her husband to be bought her a new phone back then as she was lacking a good phone. They cornered her with a promise of one computer business or the other and lo and behold, my sister had just enrolled into a computer training class and they did caught her attention which means "na ife di onye nkpa ka eji egwu ya nwayoo" To cut the story short, they later collected her new phone, the money she had with her, she also came back home to take more money to them, did I mention that she even borrowed? All this thing happened as a result of "she shouldn't tell or trust anybody" aside them. The same thing have visited us today in the person of the CHIEF INFILTRATOR. He wants you to disregard whatever all the legal luminaries of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is saying about our leader but listen only to him. Is that different from what the 419ners did to my sister? He also wants you to disregard everything called legacy our leader left behind, the IPOB DOS and LEGAL TEAM but never asked you to disregard paying money for his criminal recruited gang in the name of fake ESN because he will be defrauding you from that side. My people perish for lack of wisdom and knowledge. His aim is try to break the command chain of IPOB by imbibing in you a disobedience spirit making our leader not having control over his own structure which is what gave him a leverage against the zoo( ability to command and control IPOB from anywhere). So if he is allowed to strip our leader off that power by bringing disobedience, did he really wants our leader's good? If you disregard our lawyers, how do you hear from our leader? If you disregard our lawyers, how do you know that our leader is feeling alright or even alive? If you disregard our lawyers, how do you defend our leader in court? Ponder over this questions and ask yourself whether this person suggesting this really want the best for our leader or his demise(out of the picture)? #FreeMaziNnamdiKanu ┬ęChukwudi Samuel, 15 02 2022

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