The agenda

The agenda was to create a parallel IPOB and this agenda is never a secret. Umahi said it on camera and those being fooled today by the Nigeria agent in Finland heard it. The thing in Finland is also working towards this agenda, reason he continued duplicating everything about IPOB.

The project is a million dollar project. Lots of money exchanged hands. That's the reason they got lots of youths fooled. Presently, things are hard, so with 30k or less you can get the youths to do any thing including risking their lives. A people that have sold votes for ordinary 4k can bring down houses for 20k. These youths are recruited with the lies that it is IPOB, when it is not. IPOB have had a very good image in the East, so it will be easy to recruit youths using IPOB's name. Once these boys are recruited, they will start giving them wrong orientation away from what IPOB is known for. They will think themselves IPOB, but with different ideology. Within time, if not checked these youths will reach a point of no return and will completely deviate from the IPOB ideals. Don't forget that these guys are fronting money first. They pay them thereby making them think IPOB is all about money. This is completely raising group of young people who are selfish and ready to take forcefully from their own people.

This is exactly why you see a lot of kidnapping in our land and the kidnappers telling their victims that since they don't want to support Biafra that they will do it by force. This is why some people now call our people on phone to bring money at random for the restoration of Biafra. Some places, before you can conduct a burial ceremony, you have to first of all pay these crimînals money. This is the politicians using their agent in Finland to bastardize what IPOB is doing. Non of these things were happening until they brought in the agent in Finland.

Many have asked the agent in Finland to start his own movement and leave IPOB alone. This is something he cannot do. That is because his agenda was never to restore Biafra, but to destroy and derail IPOB. If you are in doubt, I will clear you. There is nothing that stopped the Nigería agent in Finland from naming his own movement if he thinks that IPOB is not doing it well. That's the right thing to do. MNK did it with MASOB. When MNK suspected that MASOB leader has derailed, he walked out and from scratch started IPOB. MNK didn't start bragging how he will end MASOB. He didn't start duplicating everything about MASOB. He did not start raising funds using the name of MASOB. He simply walked away from MASOB and started a different platform and structure. He didn't start claiming he is now in charge of MASOB security and started recruiting bad boys and called them MASOB security. He simply moved, continued preaching and within years convinced people to follow him.

But here we have someone who kept bragging how he will end IPOB leadership. Tell me how ending IPOB leadership will give us Biafra. Do a sincere and serious freedom fighter need to waste his time trying to end IPOB, instead of working to restore Biafra? Do we ask questions at all? What have this agent not done? Your leader created IPOB leadership, and he said he will end them, and yet he still tell you that he is working for the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. He started recruiting bad boys and claimed they are ESN. Also he unveiled common crimînals inside a classroom and called them MBranch. If truly he needed to do his own things, why use the same things created by IPOB? The answer is simple. They are creating a parallel IPOB.

When you knocked him off and forced him into answering Autopilot, he now came out to tell his fellow crimînals to stop answering Autopilot. He told them that Autopilot is just a nick name. That they are IPOB and they should do whatever they are doing in the name of IPOB. He said this because his handlers informed him that he is failing. The agenda was to create a parallel IPOB and pin all their atrocities on IPOB as to demarket IPOB.

I think IPOB leadership is doing well in trying to counter these things. The initiative taken by IPOB leadership to inform Biafrans that ESN has no camp in Enugu Ezike is a great move I must say. This will help the people understand what is going on. IPOB has reached this level because they have been selfless in their dealings and have never been a torn on the flesh of our people. These things are what these guys want to destroy.

I feel that IPOB should start a grassroot information distribution. The units in Biafra land should be used to achieve this, and their job is to use Eastern Markets to convey the right information to the people who are not on social media. A good channel of information will close up their recruitment source and save the lives of our youths whom they are setting up to be kîlled by Nigería soldiers.

Our people must understand that IPOB is a group of volunteers whom are doing all within their power to secure freedom. IPOB has gone many years before building the trust they have now. If you are a Biafran and you think the Nigería agent in Finland just started talking about Biafra two years ago and now can raise funds to recruit bad boys, then you are lower in thinking than ordinary animal. The funds you are seeing them brandish are coming from Nigeria government and not from the people.

Stop being fooled by these crimînals.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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