The arrival of the Portuguese in 15th century and why the coastal states were more powerful .
Guns are a man’s weapon. The introduction of various products from Europe such as gin, guns, and gunpowder created or strengthened any kind of hierarchy that put men over women because only men, by custom, handled these important trade goods.Old and faulty guns were sold to Africans by Europeans. Guns were reverse-engineered in the interior and various blacksmithing lineage groups became known for manufacturing guns.oka(awka) blacksmithers are renowned for re engineering guns,repairs and sometimes outright production of most parts of a gun as noted by G. T. Basden (1921) “Among the Ibos of Nigeria”.Europeans arrived on the shores of the Niger Delta by the end of 15th century. The competition between what became slave trading and raiding states led to the increase of people ending up in the ships of Europe.The access to the Atlantic coast and the Niger meant that coastal and riverine settlements gained a head start and advantage when guns, gunpowder, and cannons newly arrived through European ships.
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