"... Nsukka is a small town located North of BIAFRA. The federal army arrived there at the beginning of the hostilities so as to pacify her. Whole families were decimated! Young girls of nine or eleven years old raped and murdered! Men were killed along the roads, macheted or stabbed with lesser regard than a sheep or a cow at a slaughter house! Two hundred children were rounded up at a place, poured fuel and set ablaze alive in a mighty conflagration. Four hundred and thirty elderly women who were no longer of any utility to the occupation army had their breasts chopped off in chains. There also, like in butchery, Mmegwa a young girl of eight years old was asked the whereabouts of her parents to which she innocently answered: they had taken to their heels. They broke into laughter after which they poured bullets into her mouth and then across her nose. Later not contented with that they chopped off her two small hands and left her to bleed to death, there on the threshold of her burnt hut..."

Source: The Death of BIAFRA (Tr.) genocide in Nigeria (1967-1970) by Ikechukwu Aloysius Orjinta pages 14 and 15.

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