The brand of Christianity ndi Igbo

The brand of Christianity ndi Igbo trusted wholeheartedly and fell for is unraveling before them.
The local Christian leaders have this mindset, how much more the mind of the one brought by Europeans to our ancestors?
The greatest irritation I got from one of these liars was the day Pastor of the Redeemed Church came to Nsuka to lie that he couldn't finish his University education in that Hallowed School at Nsuka because, according to him, Ojukwu declared war on Nigeria. This is a man who was over 70 years when he made this falsehood before many Igbo dignitaries who were witnesses too during the genocide and before it.
I think the Pastor's name was Enoch Adeboye or something, I can't remember him well now. But, he's the leader of The Redeemed Church according to the news.
I was appalled at his lies and misinformation that day especially for the younger generation coming up. I wonder why such age of a man will be lying with such serious historical information.
Now, it's the COZA Playboy and again the more Political G.O, Tunde Bakare, spewing his anti-Semitic rhetorics.

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