The British injustice to Africa.

They told you its their own Mongo park that discovered River Niger. Same River that Onitsha, Asaba and Idemili people have been fishing and bathing on. We accepted it and even continued teaching our children the same misinformation and wrote in exams.

The British did a lot of injustice to Africa. They even say they discovered Africa. Imagine!!!

Do you know Britain had to ship their entire criminals and prisoners down to Africa, and they became administrators and destroyed the Peace in African communities. Who knows if Lugard was not one of them? Bini Kingdom was raised down by British soldiers. Bini in 1800 has been a great empire. They have streets and had their empire fenced. They are good in arts. But Britain had all these destroyed and artifacts carted away. It wasn't only in Bini, it happened in Igbo land too. Aro people fought them too. The atrocities of Britain is enormous.

Tell me how someone will look at the North with their religious believes and different way of life and merge them with the South, causing an eternal problem. This action of Lugard has killed more than 10million people.

Nigeria since that Amalgamation have refused to grow. It's more than 50years of independence, with many natural and human resources at her disposal, yet they are no where. Instead of peacefully going our own different ways, they went to war killing more than 3.5 million people when they have the opportunity to divide.

Nigerians have rejected many things that will float Nigeria to greatness. Gowon rejected Aburi accord, and his brothers and sisters still reject restructuring and true federalism till today. And in all these things, some people are still hoping against hope to make Nigerịa work.

We are no more asking for anything restructuring or federalism. We are seeking for the dismantling of the Lugardian cage called Nigeria.

We are determined to birth Biafra. For Biafra will give prosperity and development, not only to Biafrans but to Africa.

In Biafra we stand.

Elochukwu Ohagi,

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