-----The Bulls And The Lions-----

There in the deep forest of Africa lives some droves of bulls and Lions. While the bulls feed on grasses, the lions feed on the animals that feeds on grasses.

The bulls have been protecting themselves from being kịlled and eaten up by the feary Lions. At first they believed grazing together will scare the lions, but while at it the lions kept coming. One day the lions dashed at them ferociously, and the victim that day was a very nice looking bull who was just two years old and already nearing adult hood.

Again, the bulls had a meeting. In that meeting they deviced a method of protecting themselves against the savagery of the lion tribe. 'We must maintain distance from the lions', this wise bull told other droves of the bulls. Yes, we must. As they were about to listen, there came a voice from the background. This particular bull has been fronting himself among others. Definitely, he wanted to be the leader. 'We are tired of them lions, he said. We must go down to their territory and kịll them all', he said, while looking at others as if he is a newly conscripted fearless soldier. 'All you need to do is to contribute 100 Quins every month for me. A thousand of you male bulls, and a half of a thousand of you female bulls will have to pay every month. Give it to me and see me flush all of them lions. They can even invite leopards and Rainos, I don't care. They will all die in my hands', he said with this sound of finality. Some young and foolish bulls kept cheering him as he proudly sat down.

The college of wise bulls knew he is selfish, arrogant and stupid. They knew he works for the lions and only wanted them to step into a trap. The worse thing that can happen to the bulls is to become foolhardy, March unprepared into the den of lions. That is marching into suicide. Not when we are alive, the head of the college of the wise bulls exclaimed.

The distance was maintained, and all the bulls informed to watch it; to know when others are leaving a particular pastureland. At the beginning, it seemed to have worked, but not for long. The smart lions have already deviced a method of attack. They now lie down in wait for the bulls. The bulls this time, come to meet them, and not the other way round.

But on that faithful day. The bulls had came to graze, when this big male lion punced on them and immediately brought one of them down, with other droves of bulls on the run. As they were running, one looked back and saw one of them fall to the weight of the huge lion. A thought came in immediately. There are thousands of us running away from few of them lions. 'No, way' he said to himself. Immediately, he made a dash backwards, and that gave the droves some courage, and they followed. Within seconds, they have encircled the lion, and using their strong heads, sent the lion to his wicked ancestors. That marked the beginning of the long awaited revolution. And it didn't end without the bulls getting their FREEDOM. Something had to ignite it and all other things became a guest for history.


In Sudan, the ruling tribe of white Arabs marginalized the South and one day they took up arms and today they are free.
Against Ethiopia, Eritrea came up and with arms liberated themselves. History recorded more and more people that like the bulls endured the savagery of the lions and one day revolted, and freedom was birthed.

Biafrans were kịlled in 1966 and their bodies littered by Northerners in different Northern cities and towns. Nigerịa said they are no more needed and when they left, and forced to declare Biafra, Nigerịa came again, kịlled more than 3.5 million Biafrans to drag them back to Nigerịa.

In 1970, Biafrans surrendered and was thrown back into Nigerịa. But funny enough, the same Nigerịa that fought and kịlled them refused to see them as fellow Nigerịans. They were marginalized and seen as unworthy of the Nigerịa seat of power.

One day, like the bulls did, Biafrans will say enough is enough.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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