The Burning of Imoh David by Hausa and Fulani Okada Riders


Today, I desert the Nigerian Secret Service for good

My name Adio Oluwole Bashir. I worked for the Secret Service and have served Nigeria for 13 years. Today, I take my exit from the Nigerian Secret Service in defence of my conscience.

Over the years, I have worked tirelessly, like many of my colleagues under the most excruciating conditions in the Nigerian Security service. I can no longer have my hands stained with blood.


I was the team leader of undercover agents detailed to arrest killers of David, who was clubbed and later burnt to death obviously by Okada Riders of Fulani and Hausa extraction.

We arrested 11 suspects:
1) Dahiru Saleh, 18, Kano State
2) Muktha Badeh, 22, Bornu State
3) Modibo Sanusi, 19, Jigawa State
4) Ahmed Mohammed, 32, Bauchi State
5) Tukur Baba, 21, Adamawa State
6) Muktah Dongo, 18, Sokoto State
7) Yau Ahmed Baba, 31, Sokoto State
8 ) Datti Katsina, 24, from Daura,Katsina State
9) Shehu Monsor-Akhmed, 23, Katsina State
10) Zaq Ishaq Amir 45 (A spiritual leader from Chad who also supply Okada to many Riders in Lagos)
11) Bin Sadiq Lawal, 23 from Mali

After their arrest, I started receiving calls including threats from highly placed Nigerians including Emirs in the North.

I was shocked. A human life has been lost. We needed to do our job. Why should people be calling me, important Nigerians that they would kill me if I do not release them.

I lodged complaints to the SD, DSS in Lagos State. Later we received instructions to hand over the suspects as instructed by the DDDSS in Abuja.

We handed over the culprits to the police at exactly 7.35pm on Wednesday.
That same day, I received a letter of deployment to Bornu State.

As I was thinking over the relocation and looking at options with my wife and two young children, to my shock, I read on TV that the police have arrested the following:

1) Dahiru Ayuba
2) Susan Moses (a lady)
3) Chris Dauda
4) Joseph Tella ( Yoruba)
5) Chipotle Anthony
6) Sunday Azi

I almost had a heart attack.I have seen gross manipulation of evidence, but this one that I led the investigating team shook my conscience that I can't live with this particular nightmare, lies, outright unGodly lies more so that on the day David was burnt to death, I saw myself in a trance being asked never to help in the perversion of justice in this particular incidence of David gruesome murder.

I now understand these fake suspects have been given 100k each to confess to the crime while two of them are innocents who were picked on the streets.
Fellow Nigerians, your country is a hub of the worst rogues and criminals on earth.

They have gone to arrest Yoruba and Igbo people for the killing of David.
But Nigerians all saw how Hausa and Fulani Okada Riders descended on David, mobbed him, clubbed him and the set him ablaze.

When Security operatives become rogue institutions trying to protect Nigerian unity at all cost, Nigerians are left with little option that to see destruction of the monster we call Nigeria if we do not want Nigeria to kill all of us.

The arrested certainly have nothing to do with the crime. The Nigerian police have left the substance to chase shadows.

This is one of the most wicked sins any Country can commit against her citizens.
It underlines the urgent need for a state police now or never. As for me, please pray for me. I have left the Security service without notice as ai leave the country to a West African State in search of survival and away from imminent death I see that want to hand on me.

Pray for me as you pray for yourselves and Children in the worst place to live yet constantly defended by vagabonds, crooks and vampire many of who are educated.

May Allah salvage us and save us from blood thirsty demons that have seized the country.

Source: Folake Martins and Bishop

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