The Church Missionary Review v.43 April, 1892

Notes of a Second Journey into Ibo Land by the Rev. H.H. Dobinson
We came to Okpanam, the first stage, between twelve and one o'clock, and rested a few minutes at the house of a Chief, whose huge ivory anklets must be fully eight inches in breadth and of a great weight.
It is not usual to see man wearing these anklets, women in good circumstances wear them frequently.
Passing through Okpanam with its great broad streets and herds of sleek cattle, we pressed on to Isele-Asaba, the least hospitable of any of the towns we entered in our tour.
We stayed only a few minutes here, and then went on past a small village called Ikwudogu to Ubolu-nkiti. Here we purposed to stay the night.
We arrived at about five o'clock, and went to the same house where we had slept in January last. The owner of the house had made great improvements since last year, so we were thankful to have a little more room for our party, and soon were comfortable
* illustration from a Catholic publication - Annales de la propagation de la foi v71 (1899)

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