The Colossus

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press

I woke up today with this prophetic quote of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu where he said that ONLY 100 MEN IS ENOUGH TO RESTORE BIAFRA. As days become weeks and months become years, the reality of this statement continue to wear flesh, forming life into reality. For these past months I have been thinking. And my thinking led me thus far into the road whence we came. The struggle is really a difficult one, but it's only the strong minded that will stay till the end.

I have written about acquiring the right spirit for a struggle and also understanding the meaning of struggle. A lot of us has no clue about what a struggle is. Struggle is a thing of gigantic size. It's a colossus. In a struggle you obey command. It's like soldiers in a war front whose only means of survival is obedience to their commander. Believe me I am not here today to make you understand or plead with any of you. Or make you to feel good. I have been blocked and unfriend by many yet I am still here. I am here to ask you to stand and be counted among the 100 men Mazi Nnamdi Kanu requested. I have read most of you from the other side where I was, and I am highly disappointed.

I don't need to tell you that Nnamdi Kanu has proven himself worthy. I am here to tell you that I have tested the spirit guiding him and I can say that it's the right spirit. He is the biblical Joshua that will lead the people of Biafra into freedom. Oh! I am disappointed! Didn't Nnamdi Kanu repeatedly say in his broadcast that UNLESS THEY MEET OUR DEMAND, WE WILL NOT VOTE? Yes he did. Even from the other side I heard him loud and clear. Just yesterday, he announced to us that OUR DEMAND HAS BEEN MET, and I started seeing some funny write ups from those claiming to be supporting Biafra. I am disappointed, but not surprised. I am not surprised because the words of Kanu concerning 100 men is real and always echoes in my mind.

As a Biafran, I have Nigeria international passport. I have Nigeria national Id card and PVC and also use Naira. These things doesn't make me less a Biafran. I will continue using them till Biafra comes, and might even keep them ever after. Something must remain for educational materials. So why the noise?

How come every body needs a copy of the demand? Why is it that suddenly, we have lost discipline? Where lies our patience? What is the noise about?

We said we will boycott unless they meet our demand. Should our leader not call off the boycott since something has been reached? Isn't it the plan from the start?

Some Biafrans are even saying they were wise for standing against boycott from day one. FOOLS. You mean you are wise for not holding onto something and forcing the criminal politicians to reach an agreement? Where is your brain? IPOB didn't call off the election boycott because votes has started counting. We didn't suspend it to start campaigning for politicians. We are IPOB, we called it off because IPOB leadership has been reached and something is on ground.

You really don't know me. If Our leader says boycott again an hour to tomorrow's election, I will immediately stand down in solidarity with him. I will start waving the flag of boycott again. That's me. That's because I already have a commander I can trust. A leader that can die for his people.

At this moment I must say this.

If you ever doubted Mazi Nnamdi Kanu after he called off the election boycott, then you are not worthy of this struggle. Start working on yourself.

The only weapon we have is unity of purpose. The command and control chain.

The only reason the boycott was called off is because our demand has been met. And the only reason we are boycotting is to force them to agree to our demand. Other reasons are secondary.

This is a power play, and we must play well and intelligently. If USA wants Buhari out and kind of reached out to our leader for a call off of the boycott, with a promise to look into our demand, won't we take it? Don't you know that the same powers can make Atiku agree to something and make him keep it. Yes, I am only insinuating, but I know it's not far from this. Why can't you grow some virtues?

Some Atikulators are really same with Buharists. So these people are still fighting, even when the call off seemed to favor them. Some pro Biafran writers are asking what we are going to vote with. I can't believe someone is asking this question. Did we all turn 18 this year? Didn't we tell you we are boycotting election and not PVC? Didn't we tell you that without PVC you are not an eligible boycotter? Why are people stupid and foolish?

We have been accused of many things. Atikulators accused us of being sponsored by Buhari. Now Buharists are the ones accusing us. It is expected! We have gotten something. Stop asking if they will obey the agreement. We have seen it before. Aburi accord is a lesson. The struggle continues. No looking back.

We can only stop when Biafra is restored. I thank immensely those that kept asking about me. Thanks to those that reached out.

God bless you all.

I am Elochukwu Ohagi, The mere Teacher.

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