Many Christians love to take everything to Bible, they even back all their arguments with Bible quotations but when I see the population that joined infiltrators with the idea of IDUU-AUTOPILOT to today, Christians population beats my imagination. It baffles me to find that almost all of those that sing praises to the high heavens for infiltrators are mostly pastors. My worries pushed me to ask them, if they didn't read the part of the Bible that says "obedience is better than sacrifice"?

I now understand the part that says "not all that call me father, father shall inherent the kingdom of heaven" reason why they can read the whole chapters and verses of the Bible yet, were defeated by the 10 God's commandments. Ask them, their excuse is always the same. It can only take the grace and holy spirit of God to keep it. But they agreed on it in the first place.

The same way King saul was asked to war against a certain nation and remain not anything that breathes and what did he do? He remember there's sacrifice to be given to God who sent him as if God had no idea those could be used to sacrifice to him.

When the master of IPOB left for a journey, he knows that you can be offended or even got expelled. He also know that you may have ideas which the leadership can abandon or trash on the ground but what did the master want you to do during this time? ANYTHING THEY SAYS GOES AND YOU MUST OBEY.

He is also aware that you may feel hated by some members of DOS and even get rejected by them in your nomination to serve the people in some capacity. Did master want you to revolt? NO. He still want you to obey their orders.

You may think that DOS are incompetent, criminals and have mortgaged the future of IPOB and Biafra struggle. The only voice of the master loud enough in that aspect is "obey them until I return"

You can say that DOS is not visible or come on live broadcast as the master does. His wish is for you to follow and listen to them anytime they make it on radio Biafra to talk to Biafrans.

When you feel they're not giving enough action that will vibrate the zoo for immediate release of the master. His words are clear, "you must follow them in that same slow pace"

When you claim to love the master and ruthlessly disobeys his commandments in his absent, your love is questionable and suspicious as well. Just like in the Bible when the master told his followers "IF YOU LOVE ME, KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS" so our master expects us. You may have the most brilliant idea and reasons in the world why you disobey his commands but that will amount to same sacrifice saul decided for God. Do not decide for the master rather do what the master decides and should something go wrong when he returns? you can have the face to tell the master that you did everything he commanded of you. A word is enough for the wise.

~Chukwudi Samuel, 20 03 2022

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