The Coward Demonstration Of Simon Ekpa And His Unknown Gunmen

My attention was drawn to a very laughable trending video threat from Simon Ekpa's Criminal gangs to my person Anyi Kings and other top Members of D.O.S by a very close associates and promoter of AutoPiloters.
According to their close associates and their promoter who drew my attention to the video He said that the warning to their so called Fake Biafra Media was actually directed to me though my name was not mentioned..
But in that clip
The handful of hoodlums under the supervision of Ekpa exonerated Ekpa as their sponsors . That was just a script.
The main message they passed across was the threat directed to the top IPOB leadership the members of D.O.S and allegedly their so called Fake Biafra Media who their close associates and their promoter has confirmed that I was the person they were referring to as Fake Biafra Media .. according to them they have endured and taken enough from me and are loosing patience .
But where they couldn't hide their stupidity is when they claim to be unknown gunmen that are not working for politicians but they are not being sponsored by any Biafra group or leaders

But they are demanding for the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu .

Is that not laughable 

If Uwazureike is not their sponsor as they claim
And they claim their loyalty is not to DOS that are representing IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu with an allegation that they have been compromised.

The same allegations Simon Ekpa is alleging using same to claim the to be the spokes man of Biafra and Commander of Ekpa Simon Njoku (esn ) is it not a proof that Ekpa and these handful of criminals are on the same page ? But cowardly trying to hide their identities and exonerate their leader from their criminalities ?

The question is what do they have in common with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that they are demanding for his release ? When they are not E.S.N and they are not IPOB members ? And they claim they are not working for politicians ?
The last time I checked Mazi Nnamdi Kanu didn't launch Unknown Gunmen but Eastern Security Network for a fight against Fulani Terrorism in Biafraland.

And the last time I checked The only person who launched fake E.S.N in an undisclosed classroom to fight politicians, religious leaders and our traditional leaders and to enforce economic sanctions , and to see that all Biafra land are being set on fire is Ekpa Simon Njoku and the video evidence is there for a proof .

Hence I call Simon Ekpa and his criminal group cowards for not being bold enough to be proud of their so called uncompromised leader Ekpa.

There is no compromise greater than being a coward . Both Simon and his unknown gunmen are cowards .

Anyi Kings April 22, 2022

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