Dubious otellectuals always want anything that can quench or destroy the agitation of Biafra, they've used many weapons against this quest for Biafra but failed. Their current weapon is not only laughable but lame at the same time.

Otellectuals want us to believe that every crime and killings committed in the east is been done by IPOB and Biafra agitators. I have this questions for them, what happens to political assassins which they used back then to assassinate their oppositions? Was there no arm robbery before IPOB came? How about kidnappings and cult activities hugely sponsored by politicians?

Here this otellectuals

If you cannot show us the burial ground of all this crimes mentioned above, then you lack the moral right to apportion or tag this culture-like crimes to IPOB. Gone are those days you lots blackmail others for you people's evils.

It is not hidden how some governors imported so many terrorist in uniforms into their various states. Many have also asked the whereabout of over 3 full loaded bus of non indigenous persons imported for anambra election? Were they exported back already and we don't know? Or were they given a sinister and destructive assignments across the east? If not, how can a peaceful and non violent movement like IPOB, that extensively is pursuing her freedom engage in such crimes and distractions?

A group that proved their peacefulness by the numerous massacres of their member while holding flags yet, you had no retaliation from them. What a peaceful lovely group.

Up till this moment, IPOB remains a peaceful movement even in the midst of every smear campaigns to demonize and blackmail her otherwise. Should they want to change her position? The whole world will hear it from them.

IPOB is the people's movement and therefore, cannot betray herself into committing the same thing she is fighting to eradicate from the land.

Chukwudi Samuel, 01 03 2022
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