The Day My Eyes Saw Beauty

A look into her eyes,
I felt this adrenaline rush
Who could have believed such a beauty exists
A being so beautiful that her beauty radiates like the morning star

The previous day I was left in thought
Thinking about the hands that made such beauty
It must be the hands of God
God of our ancestors, I told myself

In my last meeting with this beauty
I sang songs of love
I wrote those pleasant words
Words capable of melting strong hearts
Words that's speaks of how much I feel
And how strong I wanted her

Then I looked at her face
It is like the colour yellow mixed in chocolate
Then her smooth body was so illuminated
At that moment, I resisted thinking of her bosom
You need to stand face to face with her
As to comprehend this beauty
What magic did God actually did there, that men have decided not to part with it?
I asked, not expecting to be answered

Always try to understand
Don't continue wasting time with anyone not reciprocating your love
Stop fooling yourself thinking that you can change a heart not meant for you

Don't be in a relationship like you are in a marriage
And don't be in marriage like you are in a mere relationship
Stop fooling yourself in the name of love
That person might not even be him or her

Beauty fades
But character will always live forever

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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