The Death of General Insubu is Tragic!

I was informed General Insubu was killed in an act of self defense. Regrettably, I have read many messages of celebration and others apportioning blames on him. This is what we must realize: A mom somewhere has lost a son. A father somewhere has lost a son and Ambazonia as a nation, has lost a citizen through extrajudicial action. The whole nation is in mourning.
No soldier in Ambazonia should ever die either from the hands of other soldiers or a mob. No soldier, who has dedicated his or her life in the defense of Ambazonia should ever die from our own hands. When that happens, even through the exercise of self defense, we must never celebrate the death of someone who has truly defended the flag and the nation. Each citizen counts. We are fighting to build an inclusive society governed by the rule of law and due processes and diligence.
Our forces like our people have been victims of manipulation and deceit for 60 years. This has had untold damage to their psychology and sense of balance. In the past 5 years, some have been constantly brainwashed to hate and kill others for the interest of those for whom political power is more important than Freedom.
The death of General Insubu is a lose for JUSTICE to be served the families of those who would have wanted him to explain why he took part in the murder of our forces. His death is a lose for the soul of Ambazonia. These children who fight have become part of the Ambazonian Resistance Identity. Hate them or love them, they are part and parcel of our story in the struggle for a free homeland.
Only traitors of our land should be hung in the public square. Thus, not even those who support the IG and have carried a gun to defend a block, should die and we celebrate. Similarly, no soldier on the ground should ever plot or scheme to cause the death of another without sufficient justifiable reasons.
Soldiers have a right to defend themselves from any attack by other soldiers but soldiers must also avoid to inject themselves in situations that may cause conflict. It is on record that General Insubu has made several attempts to attack other IG forces and they in return have also made several attempts to confront him. This is an IG internal struggle for power and control. They must deal with it and broker peace. Furthermore, on a broader perspective, l hope we now understand the necessity for genuine collaboration between our forces on the ground. Meanwhile at the political level, may we draw lessons for us all as a people to collaborate and move our struggle forward and stop counter productive activities. This phase of the war of liberation is critical and requires serenity and astute management.
By way of conclusion, let me tell you people one thing; Death has become cheap. But for Ambazonia to ever heal itself and go forward, we must be accountable for the loss of every soul. Those who instrumentalise, order, tribalize for purposes of hate and kill will be held accountable for their actions. Even those living in exile must understand that a free Ambazonia will invoke principles of universal jurisdiction in dealing with some crimes, which will ask for your prosecution.
My dear Compatriots, continue to serve your country with honour and dignity, and never lose sight of why we fight.
Dr Cho Ayaba,
Ambazonia Governing Council (AGovC)

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