The Devil Called Madam Bridget Okafo On The Loose Again

The Janjanweed woman residents in USA aka woman leader that was actually the founder of Umuada High way organization that birthed government sponsored Autopilot and Iduu Kingdom in her desperate and failed quest to destabilize IPOB leadership Structure is on the loose again in her mission to resurrect her dead and failed groups the autopilot/ Iduu Kingdom fraudulent organization.
I have long stopped wondering the level these fraudster gangs can go in their manipulative and decitful tendances to fraudulently lure innocent people to their evil cult with their sole aim of achieving one goal.. which is destroy IPOB leadership and finally bury the quest for Biafra Restoration a one million years impossible task to achieve.
Religion has always been the major tools to manipulate and defraud our people and go Scot free, because the level our people are grounded in religion are so deep that they dare not question even obvious fraud from anyone who claim to be spiritualist . Once that tag Man of God , woman of God or even Eze nwanyi or Dibia Anya nzu is following a person's name . He or she has automatically obtain a liences to defraud people and lie at any given moment and at the end of the day put the lies on the head of Almighty God and claim that he just giving out a message given to him or her by Chukwuokike abiama . That he told him or her this this or that. Knowing fully well that your followers will not see God physically to question God if truly those words are coming from him.
This is the reason these Iduu/ autopilot Kingdom will not stop hiring YouTube pastors and acclaimed prophets and prophetess to use them to prophecy lies, In order to give a ligitmacy in their fraudulent activities. Because if a YouTube man of God is featured in fraudulent fundraising you will easily empty your wallet in their fraudulent account in order to receive higher prayer and blessings from the acclaimed man of God.
And this is why they organized a fraudulent prayer and fraudulently lured our first lady Lolo Uchechi Okwu Kanu the wife of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to their platform without her knowledge just to attract relevance thinking that once the voice of our respected first lady is heard on their platform they can now pass a message that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's wife is now an autopilot so that they can further their antagonism against D.O.S . But because you can not give honesty if you do not have honesty . You only give what you have and what they have is dishonesty, insincerity and ulterior motives that drives them. and that's exactly what they offered to our first lady in the name of they are inviting her for a prayer for her husband..
Madam Bridget Okafo couldn't be honest to tell Lolo Uchechi Okwu Kanu the wife of our leader that they are organizing a prayer that will be aired in the platform of autopilot enter Biafra
The same platform that they have used to abuse everything Mazi Nnamdi Kanu cherishes in life including the woman in question. Because she knows if she is honest to her . The woman will never join such fraudulent prayer . This devilish woman decided to lie to her that they the women are organizing a zoom conference prayer for her husband and pleaded to the lady to join the program unknowingly to our first lady the prayer was scheduled to be aired in enter Biafra platform. And after the program they started their fraudulent campaign that the wife of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has join autopilot . And started sharing her voice everywhere. This is the level of insincerity and desperation from these Infiltrators.
Recalled that they did the same thing to Mazi Chika Edoziem by publicly airing zoom conference meeting that ought to be a private meeting on social media . And when this woman was confronted with question on why she did what she did . She claim unaware. If you think the devil is a liar let this evil oracle called Madam Bridget Okafo lie to you and only then you will recognize that the devil is but a learner. These people in their desperation to achieve their evil purpose lie through their teeth.
The same attempt was made by these Infiltrators to lure IPOB most trusted ally Dr Cho Ayaba to their platform some time ago . If not that our intelligence gathering adding to the braveness of ally were up to the task and that fraudulent interview was stopped beforehand.
Their only mission is to destroy and nothing else . But I put it to them all that as many as they are among the pioneer of destabilization Infiltrators that they are just putting water in the basket that is not meant to hold any water in all their trying . Because IPOB shall prevail. And they all shall one day face their evil repercussions . Because Saboturs must pay heavily. 
Anyi Kings is writer and investigative journalist writing for Biafra Reporters.

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