The dubious criminal injected and sponsored by politicians

For months we stayed here trying to educate some of our people. We told them that they have been fooled by a dub-ious crịminal injected by politicians and sponsored by them.

This crịminal used exactly what they will love to hear to rubbish them. He came against IPOB leadership, IPOB principles and structure with the pretence of fighting for the release of MNK. He fooled them.

You want MNK released, but you are insulting and blackmailing IPOB legal team. You want MNK released, but you are fighting the same IPOB leadership responsible for the running of the struggle and payment of MNK's legal team. You love MNK but you are fighting his media warriors. You stated you will open a can of worms. You said people should not listen to Radio Biafra. You came out to organise a useless vote of no confidence on DOS. You accused them, mocked them and insulted them. You took up the fight against IPOB from the government and still claimed that MNK is your leader.

As you were doing these things, some demented unthinking foooools kept praising you. Their little brain did not tell them that they are aiding the destruction of their own struggle.

Today, the same Nelly he vowed on video that no one will stop him from working with her; the same Nelly he said he is Nelly and Nelly is him, is whom he is running around telling you she is a double agent and the one that sold MNK. You guys are funny. You are still fooled right?

Up until this moment you are yet to understand that what Nelly did, Ekpa did with her and even worse right? Then wait for it.

What you are hearing today is just a child's play. Ekpa's atrocities has not been exposed yet. You will hear his atrocities and bow your heads in shame. He will be exposed and shamed. Don't forget I told you last year that they will fight each other. Don't forget that I said when this is over, even his many YouTube followers, he will not know what to do with it again, as shame will be his morning, afternoon and night food.

Shame on all of you that were active for IPOB previously but allowed yourselves to be fooled by this con artist. Ordinary e~rat. You will soon understand that the Wikipedia profile of him before he joined this struggle was also faked to fool you. One day you will understand that he worth nothing, but only used you and the blood of our people to cash out big time.

If Ekpa was an inch of what he fooled all of you to believe he is, Ekpa will never for the past 10 years served as e~rat to politicians and PDP. Who will worth millions of dollars and still e-rating for for politicians? You were fooled, but not us.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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