The enemies of the struggle

Some people joined the infiltrators because of their belief in arms struggle. They have been wanting the struggle to move to arms struggle. At the kidnap of MNK, they felt it is time. They looked upon IPOB leadership to declare wa*r against the zoo and saw nothing. Even the Monday sit at home was suspended. This infuriated many.

The enemies of the struggle read the struggle and understood that some people are emotionally unstable and they capitalized. These elements started claiming to be strong men and playing to the gallery. They bought lies told by dub-ious men and women and most of them were fooled.

The end result was that they went against the struggle they have given it all. Within time they drifted so much that they insulted the very leadership of the struggle Mazi Nnamdi Kanu stands as the leader.

Stop thinking that people are afraid of self defence or wa*r. No one is afraid. People are simply trying to protect the struggle and not allow the movement to be rash in action. In a struggle there are times to go physical and there are also times for mind games. The struggle embraced command and control because they understand that only this chain of command can protect the struggle against the powers that be and their infiltrators. Without this chain of command, the boycott of 2019 and its call off wouldn't have happened. If you are not ready to go when asked, and stop when asked, then you are not ready for the struggle.

You fell off the train because you are too emotional to a fault. Go to wa*r with your type of person, and the movement won't survive it. Funny enough, some of them shouting wa*r this and wa*r that are in America and Europe without any intention of coming home.

You have no right to shout war and sit tight in abroad. We followed MNK because he barked and came home like a fearless warrior he is. He said he will lead from the front and he is doing it. He has suffered for what he believed in.

You still have the chance to make a U-turn, apologise, or face eternal shame soonest.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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