The Faultlines...

by Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

It all started with Autopilot. Auto pilot in a struggle that is known with a complete Command And Control. The auto pilot was a complete do as you like message to the Biafrans. Immediately this was said, some writers and supporters of the struggle carried it without understanding the implication therein. He repeatedly told them that the struggle is now in auto pilot. This means that every individual or group can start doing whatever they want to do without recourse to the leadership. This was a term they used to hatch their plan of disobedience and insubordination to the leadership of the struggle.
Lots of them started defending it and saying what auto pilot is and what is not, but non of them were able to prove it to us that it is never a do as you like message.

They then went on to play the religious card. The women in the USA got themselves a fake man of God to be prophesying to Biafrans. They kept basking on the fears of Biafrans to dish out prophecies. Everyone was eager to hear something that will give them the hope that MNK will be released. Lots of Biafrans kept listening and getting more confused. Then Ekpa came with his own religious tweet. He wrote that God told him that Biafrans are saying the wrong prayers. He went further to say that Biafrans should be able to ask God to tell them those that are truly working for them. Ekpa is simply trying to tell Biafrans that those they think is working for them are actually not working for them. That they should therefore ask God to open their eyes to know who exactly is working for them. That tweet got more than 2k retweet. I told him that God told him NOTHING, because I know exactly the game he was playing with that tweet. The tweet is a direct attempt by him to acquire vain glory and an indirect attack on the DOS. Ekpa indirectly told Biafrans that DOS members are not truly working for them. That he Ekpa and his USA ladies are the ones working for them. He was playing a religious card and he got lots of unthinking people believing his religious mind games.

Ekpa will repeatedly say things like this... 'You see, I am awake in the night working while others are sleeping'. He smartly kept playing on the minds of the gullibles to think he is the only one working. There are lots of people working for Biafra, but they are not telling you many sleepless nights they have undergone. Ngọzi Ada-Dev is a formidable writer. While most of us were enjoying with our families, she was in DSS custody. We saw people like Nnamdi Obi spend months in prison. Non of them came bragging of what they are doing and people have countered them too here.
There are writers on ground that are hiding. Someone told me how he is yet to sleep in his apartment over a period of time. He was running from illegal arrest. No one knows his story and he is not up there bragging on how he is running around for the sake of Biafra while others are in their various homes. There are men in prison for months and years. They didn't come online bragging, even when they have a bragging right. There are ESN that doesn't sleep and suffer cold, while risking their lives. But Ekpa kept playing on the psych of his gullible followers as the only working Biafran, when he has done nothing others have never done and more.

Today, Ekpa's followers think Ekpa has done better than every other person, even better than DOS. There are people like Emeka Gift that has given it all. He has ones been suspended without doing anything and he gave his farewell address and asked us all to continue believing in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. He has never come on line to tell us about his sleepless nights or how he was suspended for working for the struggle.

The women in the USA used accusations and fake prophecies to try to change the structure laid down by MNK. They tried to use some principal officers to effect a coup and failed. Today, they are lying up and down insulting the struggle and the leadership.

Ekpa told them that he knows the date Biafra will come, but he won't tell them. They all were happy and clapping. The same lies fake Nigeria pastors use to fool their gullible followers is what he is employing. Not even MNK has claimed he knew the date Biafra will come. You saw these things and you refused to think.

To make you listen to him he told you that his Monday broadcast will be coming directly from MNK in DSS custody. You shouted without thinking. How can his broadcast come from a man in detention? Will a man in detention know more than people on the outside world? (apologies to Fela). He wanted you to believe that MNK is working directly with him and no longer with DOS. People started saying, if Ekpa can be broadcasting something from what MNK told him from DSS dungeon, then MNK has anointed him after all. He kept fooling them. We know what this particular statement caused IPOB lawyers.

What ever is said and ends with #FreeMaziNnamdiKanu became truth for many gullible people. Free Mazi Nnamdi Kanu became their mumu button to the extent that a fundraising is named ESN/Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's unconditional release. They now don't care about what happens to the struggle. You tell them that we should not only free Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, but we must also make sure nothing happens to the struggle, but they refused to understand.

The people like the people of the Israelites pestered Aaron started plastering DOS and forcing DOS to make the same mistake Aaron made. They want DOS to make rash decisions, fuel their ego and probably engage in something they can't sustain. The people that should know better started condoning indiscipline, insubordination and disloyalty all in the name of we must free MNK. They say that everyone should be encouraged to do whatever he can do to free MNK, including disloyalty and indiscipline. Ask them how disloyalty can bring out MNK they won't answer. They have been fooled to see every decision from DOS as not working well or working against the struggle. They now think broadcasting and saying what you have no power and connection to do is working hard. They say they are writing to world leaders, but this is same thing Biafrans since 2015 has been doing without making noise about it.
Someone from USA took the videos of attacks on Biafrans and played it for his senator to watch. The senator couldn't believe what he saw. This Biafran didn't come on social media to brag. He kept working for Biafra. Another young lady residing in Australia got an appointment to address Australia politicians on Biafra and I haven't seen her announce it online. I came to know about it because she needed me to brief her on something. Lots of people have met many important people across the world because of Biafra, yet they didn't use it to make king out of themselves.

For these years, we wrote and publish articles not with our own pictures, but with the pictures of our leader and Biafra pictures because we are not here to enthrone ourselves, but Biafra. But some people now think we have done nothing for the struggle. They think they can blackmail us into not telling them the truth. You all lie. Your accusations of jealousy, not focusing and being hungry Philosopher will never fly or stop us.

Ekpa has played on the minds of the gullible enough. He has smartly tried to, with the help of his USA ladies to undermine the leadership of of this struggle, but we won't let them do that again unconfronted.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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