The lies being sponsored now by the Finland rogue and his team is that the Finnish government is responsible for the security personnel around him, which were also seen during his devious referendum convention.

He won't want to talk about it directly so as not to face the consequences by the Finnish government, neither will his team also. They only fund their e-frogs to propagate such lies and look the other way pretending not to be aware or responsible for such lies.

Well, let me inform you all that the plan to contract a private security company to provide security for him was concluded in January 2023 when I was still with them on the criminal advisory board. He had subtly and severally made indirect statements, pointing to the fact that he needs security around his home and wherever he goes This informed the plan by the advisory board to contract a private security company for that purpose.

The board told him to contact a private security company in Finland, send the bill to the board so that it will be paid for.

I supported the idea then because I thought the "no election matra was real, due to the fact that he said he has hundreds of thousands of youths being trained elsewhere in the world to stop February 2023 election in Biafraland. And that he is working towards raising the figure to 500, 000 (five hundred thousand) youths to fulfill that mission.

The purpose (as we discussed) of the private security company for his protection was to make sure he is secure at home and wherever he goes within Finland.

So, those security personnel you see around him are not provided by the Finnish government, but an arrangement made by the advisory board and funded by it.

In all of these... with the so called five hundred thousand persons he claimed to be training to stop election in Biafraland, the many weapons he claimed he has acquired and all he claimed have been put in place to stop election in Biafraland, none was seen, felt or experienced.

Surprisingly his e-frogs and gullible henchmen see nothing wrong with that.

He even has the guts to categorize them to be idiotic and illiterates for believing he would give them Biafra and they are so "humble" to accept the insult; licking their wounds of inferiority and hopelessness should they lose him.

@Kelechi Ambrose

#The Last Miracle Publications (TLMP)

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