the Finland infiltrator

I know that not all of us still remember that I Elochukwu Ohagi initially defended the Finland infiltrator right on my wall. Yes, i did. And so many also did and once in a while said that he is doing a nice job, including IPOB leader.

I want to also note here that many people supported him out of a sincere believe in this struggle. That's why they had to advice themselves properly on time when he started messing up.

At first, I didn't see why I should be up against him. But I kept putting him to order, and pushing out advice through my writings. I remember when he pushed for one week sit at home with middle belt, I wrote against it. I advised that we should allow middle belt to start it and we can support them. I posited that should we carry a middle belt matter on our heads, we will lose focus of what we came for and metamorphose into fighting to rescue Nigería. But the infiltrator continued. I then told him and his supporters that it won't happen, and till today nothing of such happened. He only ranted and got his supporters fooled.

He came up again and told his followers that God told him that they are saying the wrong prayers. That God told him that those we think are working for us are not actually working for us. It was a massive attack on IPOB leadership, well hidden on God told me conundrum. I called him out and exposed his game, and many came in his defence. Up until that time, I was only trying to make sure he doesn't deviate.

Again, he came out and declared that Tuesday, Friday and Sunday will be added to Monday sit at home. He said that nothing is too much for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. He is in Finland ooo, and telling you to sit at home on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Then how many days remain to work? I came out to counter this and some fools came to defend him. They kept blackmailing idiots with what MNK is suffering. Tell me what Keke, Food sellers, barrow pushers, beggars, and all those that depend on going out every day before they can eat will do should you remove four days out of the seven days of the week. Tell me what the pastors will do when you force people not to go to church on Sunday. But you idiots are so idiotic enough not to understand the game.

When I advised the Finland crimînal and he refused to adhere to it, I noticed that he is working for some people. If he is sincere he will either walk away or start his own movement and not wage a war against the movement that have gone far in giving his people freedom. I remember writing and telling him to stop giving orders and do well to respect IPOB leadership and he refused. Some of you kept excusing his insults on IPOB leadership. He will give order and you excuse it as a suggestion. I already knew he was playing a Nigería government script.

They wanted to overwhelm our people by trying to add 3 days to the already established Monday sit at home. They knew that it will only take a little time before hunger will finish our people and force them to revolt against the struggle. They also knew that should you tamper with Sunday, you have created a war with the men of God. They know that our people are too religious and they want to push the struggle against religious leaders. Some of you failed to see the game. You kept saying that Sunday sit at home will force them to support the struggle. Insane individuals that can't see the next minute even when it is staring them on the face. Thank God we were able to stop every of their attempts to destroy the struggle.

They have made lots of attempts and we kept decoding it. He will keep attacking the leadership and claim the leadership is attacking him. He will come out to tell you that he is awake in the night working while others are sleeping. He was talking about IPOB leadership. How he knew they are sleeping is what I don't know. All these he did to achieve the aim of those that recruited him.

But thank God we are awake and made sure all their moves against the struggle failed.

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