The freedom of a country depends on its citizens. Individuals who selflessly sacrifice their lives so that their country and countrymen can be free are identified as freedom fighters.

Every country has a few brave hearts who willingly give up their lives for their countrymen. Freedom fighters did not only fight for their country but for everyone who suffered in silence, lost their family and freedom, and even their rights to live for themselves. People of the country look up to the freedom fighters with respect for their patriotism and the love they had for their motherland. These people provide examples by which other citizens aim to live by.

For ordinary people, sacrificing their lives is a big deal but freedom fighters selflessly make this unimaginable sacrifice for their country without thinking of any repercussion. The amount of pain and hardships that they have to endure to achieve their goal cannot be described in mere words. The entire country remains forever indebted to them for their struggles.

The Influence Left by the Freedom Fighters One can't stress enough the importance of the deeds of the freedom fighters. On every Independence Day, the country remembers the thousands who once struggled so that their countrymen could be free. Their sacrifices are never forgotten by their countrymen.

If we delve into history, we see most freedom fighters joined the freedom struggle without prior formal training in war or related fields. They went to wars and protests knowing very well that they may get killed by the opposite power. The freedom fighters were not just people who fought with arms against the tyrants but they were people who joined protests through literature, legal advocates, people who contributed money to the freedom struggle, and so on. Most of the brave hearts led the fight against foreign powers. They made their fellow people realize their rights and pointed out all the existing social injustice and crimes committed by the ones in power.

The most important effect that the freedom fighters left on the people of the society are that they inspired others to understand their rights and stand up against the people in power. They inspired others to join their struggle. It was because of the freedom fighters that the countrymen united with a bond of Nationalism and patriotic feelings.

Freedom fighters are considered to be the propelling force behind the success of the freedom struggle. They are the reason why many people prosper in a free country.

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