Translation of pamphlet written in Arabic and distributed in selected Mosques in Northern Nigeria by FULANI NATIONALIST MOVEMENT, FUNAM dated November 6, 2019.

The battle is getting closer. We call on all true Muslims, this is the time to act. This is the time for second Holy War. We started in 1804. The British stopped us. We must regain the territories lost. It is against Islam to rotate power with infidels. Forget about election that will only lead to sharing of power. Think of the Kingdom that we shall rule for ever. We can Change the naughty history. Usman Dan Fodio did it successfully. We can do it too. We must take the enemies in the West, Central and the north by surprise. That is the plot.

Disperse and occupy their homes, forests, streets, schools, markets and act as spies. You will suffer in this, rain, cold and dust will pour on you, but heaven will honour you after the inevitable battles.

Our attacks on the infidels must be total and overwhelming. We must begin by instilling fear in them, weaken their resolve through kidnaps, brutal rapes, making it difficult for them to farm and subdue them before the war.

Our strategies involves learning from the tactics of the past and merging it with the wisdom of the moment. There is no going back. Nigeria is our own. It was handed over to us by Allah. How then can we share what is ours? We must never fight a defensive war.

We must take the battle to the homes of the infidels. We must use everything that we have. Whether you are a boy, a lady, a man or a woman, all Muslims of Fulani Origin must take this as a duty. We must sharpen our fighting weapons. Everything is a weapon. Your okada, knives, hands, the trailers you drive, the tankers with fuel, food you sell, the house of the infidels that you guard, study very well and wait for our order.

Exploit the weaknesses of the infidels: They're lousy, lack discipline, sleep like fools, love parties and dances, lack focus, mostly unobservant and unarmed.

With your vantage position you can take on a whole family of 10, conquer and kill them if need be. The battle must be fought in their homeland. The Middle Belt must be totally crushed. They are few and divided. Never trust anyone in the EAST and SOUTH, not even their filthy Muslims who do everything Allah rejects.

Pay Attention To The Words of The Leader Of The Indigenous People Of Biafra Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Nku Mba Na Eghere Mba Nri

Only The Indigenous People Of Biafra Can StopThe Fulani And Their Madness And We Will Stop Them Only In Collaboration With And Guidance From The Spirit Of Our Ancestors That Protect The Ancient Land Of Biafra


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