Aim of infiltration is to counter the 'genuine' through the presentation of deceptive counterfeits.

When Dave Umahi said he will create a parallel group to counter ipob, many of us did not understand that until now.

DOE was created to counter DOS. It was planned to be a governing body that will challenge the activities and decisions of DOS and then create policies that would bring confusion among ipob.

ESN been the Might and the Protective arm of ipob was heavily targeted and programmed to be destroyed. Funds mearnt for ESN were seized. Monetary inducements were used to lure some esn members to abandon ipob and be recruited into gangsters that would be committing attocities and terrorising biafrans in the name of ESN, so as to mar and defame ESN; and through that, biafrans in general will revolt and kick against Ipob.

Efforts were made to tag the name 'biafra' a taboo, a curse and the reason why our people are being slaughtered. They wanted it be replaced with 'Iduu', so the name 'biafra' would die off.

When all the attack to stop Radio Biafra failed. A counter betrayal radio was set up to attract audience and challenge Radio Biafra.

Unfortunately for both the sponsors and their agents. All their parrell and plans so far has failed woefully.

DOS remains the only recognised ipob leadership and remains at the helm of affairs of ipob, while DOE is now into oblivion.

ESN are there doing the needful. Radio Biafra is still up and running, educating our biafra.

Their 'iduu' name is widely rejected; even not been accepted among themselves.

- oge-chukwu
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