The Future

There will be another youth uprising in NigerĂ­a. A type never seen before. #EndSARS will be a child's play to what will happen.

In that youth uprising, both ethnic and religious cards will be played, but all will fail.

The old politicians that started ruling the youths from the age of 30 to their 90s will take the youths for granted come 2023. Anger will keep rising. Many youths that once believed in One NigerĂ­a, PVC and voting will lose it all. They will be chanting wa r and revolution. Even those that will be calming and telling them to take it easy as not to fail will be those demanding for referendum today.

The society will become toxic for politicians. Eastern politicians will become the worse hit. They will be targeted and their properties will not be spared. Many politicians will bring out money as to secure a pass, but youths will tell them to hell with your money. The ones with foresight will run before time, but even in abroad they will be constantly looking over their shoulders, for youths abroad will make life difficult for them. Dub-ious politicians will dress like women and mad men as to escape what is to come. Some will run into poor people's homes just to escape those days.

When these things will be happening, they would have wished they didn't take the youths for granted.

And I forgot one thing. They will try to use the military and police against the youths, but the military and police will be placed in dilemma by the people. Take the side of the dub-ious politicians or protect your family living among the people. The choice will be theirs to make.

It will end with an end to the greatest black prison in the world.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 07:41 am, 16th, July, 2022.

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