--------------The Game--------------

The government wants you to turn against your people or make it look like you have turned against your own people.

This is the main reason why they recruited the infiltrators who fooled the feeble minded fellows to join them.

MNK said ESN must be guided jealously. He warned of external interference. They knew the importance of ESN to the struggle. Reason the government using the infiltrators planned and got one or two to be loyal to them. Feeble minded fo-ols. Then DOS announced the suspension of the Monday sit at home. Many Biafrans out of the love they have for MNK continued to sit at home. Head of DOS thanked the people for such outpouring of love, but said on no account should it be enforced.

Do you know what they did?

Those of them in USA recruited criminals, put them under their control, and unleashed them on the very people they claimed they want to liberate. These boys started their criminality. On a particular Monday, these guys stole 700 thousand Naira from a POS guy in Ideato. They went to a local market, took people's monies, took foodstuffs and destroyed those they can't take. They started kidnapping and sending letters to rich men in the villages to come and pay them certain amounts of money. These became every Monday routine. As these were happening, the chief infiltrator kept bragging that Biafrans should come out if they are not afraid. He was basically claiming lord, because he knew what his friends in USA are doing. They started claiming that they are the ones in charge of ESN. They even used Asari to allude to that insane claim.

Tongues started wagging. People are asking if this is actually the freedom they are seeking. Is this what your IPOB is known for? They kept asking. They got the most weakest of the people to declare that they should be allowed to be in their Nigeria in peace instead of such Biafra. This was exactly the result the government that recruited the infiltrators wanted to get. The Infiltrators will keep claiming they are doing it for the love of MNK, while the people keep having double and doubtful minds about the struggle.

Earlier before now, the chief infiltrator has said that if DOS are not ready to be called terr-orist, that they should step aside for him that wants to be called terr-orist to take over. When he said this, emotionally propelled people started supporting it. They saw him as a courageous person. They said the struggle is for people that are ready to do the needful. They said that the chief infiltrator is MNK's type of person and should lead. They refused to see the game of the mind he is playing.

Fast forward to some weeks later. The same young man that asked that DOS step aside for him that want to be called terr-orist to take over, called IPOB a terr-orist group, because ESN killed their recruits that were terro-rizing people back home. He on a live broadcast called IPOB a terr-orist group. He said he will prove to the world and Nigeriaa that IPOB is a terr-orist group. That was the same guy that asked that people step aside for him that wants to be called terr-orist to take over. What changed? Nothing actually. He is simply playing a game.

He wants you to start acting like criminals and terr-orists. He wants you to start glorifying in terro-rism. He knew that MNK was charged with terro-rism and he is sourcing evidence for the Nigeriaa government. Had it been DOS bought what he said and started acting like terr-orists, Nigeria government will use it to back up their case against MNK. When IPOB leadership didn't fall for that, he that wants to be called terr-orist turned around to say he will prove to the world and Nigeriaa government that IPOB is a terr-orist organisation. We are not fools you know.

Do you know why he said that the struggle is now in 'do any how and act anyhow' mode? He want to play you all into a situation that whatever the government does, can be attributed to IPOB. Had it been IPOB didn't challenge the nonsense declaration and allowed such to happen. Nigeriaa government will use the opportunity to be committing all kinds of crimes, and it will be tagged on IPOB who have agreed to 'acting anyhow and doing any how'. The government will kill, steal from banks and bomb our markets and say IPOB did it. The only reason they are not doing these things is because you refused to buy such planned game handed to the infiltrator by his handlers.

It is very clear that these guys are never sincere. Mr infiltrator knows that he never for once worked for IPOB. He is on a mission. He knows that what I am saying is true and he will be wondering how I always decode and expose him.
The Radio he claimed to have launched is not from him. Like I said the government did it for him. IPOB first of all got family units across the country and beyond. They needed men who can man these things and bring the equipments in undetected. Hence, it took years to have Biafra land covered with Radio Biafra. But the infiltrator within a twinkle of an eye announced the establishment of an FM Radio. To cover his track, he had to accuse those working with MNK of scamming. He bragged of how he was able to establish an FM Radio with transmitters in a twinkle of an eye. He is simply lying.

Pirate Radio is not what you can establish in a twinkle of an eye. If the government is truly against you, you need to be coded and take your time before you can bring in the things needed for the project. It was actually a Radio belonging to the government. They mounted the Radio and asked him to announce it.

I must tell you that the infiltrators know what they are doing. They know that MNK will totally be against what they are doing. They know that MNK knows that they were the ones that betrayed him. So they are already preparing the minds of their gullible followers about it. They are already saying that should MNK come out to condemn what they are doing, they will ask him to step aside.

That time you will hear them say he compromised in DSS dungeon. They will question every of his actions and activities. They will tell you how it is impossible for him to stay there without him selling out. Some will say he is no more mentally sound, while some others will even say he was cloned in the DSS dungeon.

When all these will be happening, some of you supporting them today, will turn against them, knowing that you have been fooled. But it will be too late, for no one will ever take you guys seriously ever again.

I don't expect any of you to believe this, but all of you will see these words take flesh.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher and Activist, 2022.

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