OPERATION THINK: "The Great Ideology"

You cannot see an ideology, just the same way you cannot see a spirit. An ideology is invincible but you can only see it through the vessels or people it has possessed.
Nnamdi is possessed by an Ideology. Over 100 Millions of Biafrans are possessed by the same ideology. A great ideology that enemies of Biafra dread to mention, simply because, they understand what it portends, more than some who are Biafrans .
Biafra is an ideology that fires the ambers of the new African political, religious, economical and technological Renaissance. If you know what I mean, the coming of Biafra will bring to an end the European economic, political and religious exploitation and domination of Africa.
Biafra will bring to an end the modern day Islamic Jihadist conquest of Africa.
Biafra will bring to an end the second round of colonization by Asians.
So ,those who want to kill Biafra have their reasons for doing so, but unfortunately Biafra is an ideology and a dangerous one for that, because it has some religious connotations; because we are children of the most high. We are the children of light. The sun shines from our sphere.
These men threatened to destroy this great ideology. Muhammadu Buhari, Abba Kyari, Issa Fantua, Mallam Daura. Please where are these men today?
No matter who you are, when you make wild boast of destroying IPOB and Biafra agitation, kindly write your will and set your house in order, for you must surely d!e. Elohim will de.str0y you so that His promises will be fulfilled, simple.

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