The Greek toad heading the way of late Don Nwani .

I want to use this medium to remind the Greek toad that he will end up like Don Nwani sooner or later .
Some years back one militant by name Don Nwani was parading himself with military uniform in Igweocha and as a war lord , he even invited Nigeria military to his residence exchanged kidnapped victims , boasted and call himself an army militant general with military uniform.

He moves around ignorantly committing all kinds of crimes ranging from kidnapping , oil theft in the name of fighting for freedom for Niger deltans , he was adviced on many occasions to stop such foolish act but he refused , today where is Don Nwani? , when the forest matured he was hunted by Nigerian military and killed like a rat .

Today the Greek toad is threading the same path, may looking at his parade of shame few days ago in Buguma, you can see even the Ijaw elders don’t even recognized him and did not feel comfortable around him as he was given a plastic chair out of the canopy where the Ijaw elders were sitting that alone speaks volume that he is nobody .
He was parading with Nigerian security , and some of the remnants of his militant group who are now dependent on oil theft in the Greeks.

Asari Dokubo was sent by Nigeria government to infiltrate IPOB long before many understood who he is. The reason why you see him ranting against #MNK/#IPOB is because he could not deliver IPOB to the Nigerian government even when DJ razor formed the DE factor government of Biafra with him the both failed woefully.
I thank God that in 2015 when some IPOB intelligence team were sent to him for a chat on a prospect at that time in Igweocha , they gave a vivid intelligent report about him and some of us took that report and till date that report remains vital in our approach towards the Greek toad.

Sooner or later you all will hear how the Greek toad will end , we are IPOB our approaches toward the struggle for independence is top notch , they cannot understand how flow , our strategies or our next moves that’s why we’re IPOB . We face our enemies head on .

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