The Hausa-Fulanis are not illiterate as many wrongly presume. Long before western education was introduced to Nigeria, many of them had already learnt how to write, read and speak Arabic.
That they don’t speak much of English Language today is not a function of mental deficiency. Nope!
Majority of them simply don’t want to learn it! They are simply cool with their regional language and religious language!
English nor dey thrill them like that. Very unlike us the southerners that threw way our precious indigenous languages in exchange for English and pidgin English!
If you think the Hausa-Fulanis are wrong for not embracing English 100 percent, then the joke is on you.
Majority of non- English speaking countries in Europe and Asia don’t speak much of English. They prefer to flow and roll in their preferred languages just like the Hausas and Fulanis!
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