The Heavy Rain Will Fall; Revolution Is coming

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

What will happen if we say it? What actually will happen? That Nigeria is a criminal entity and its leaders bunch of heartless thieves.

Yes I have said it. What will happen? Arrest me or kill me? What?

Home to mindless illiterates who thinks they have no option other than to endure. They watch their leaders live in affluence, while they swim gutters in satisfaction. Housing in GRA, and the poor in squalors and slumps. With police escort they beat every holdup, flogging the poor. Yes the poor will blame the poor who was flogged for blocking and obstructing the road of the rich. Yes, you caused it. Why did you block them. Don't you know your size they did ask.

Yes I will say it, haven't you done your worse already.

Is he not rejoicing getting into NYSC. Idiot who can't even see the hopeless future awaiting him. Those of them already inside are still receiving 19k even after the increment to 30k minimum wage. Those outside never knew that it's just a year and they did embrace joblessness. No one cares, no protest, nothing nothing. The same rich keeps getting richer. One orientation exercise gives them millions, if not billions. Do they know that NYSC is nonsense? No they don't. But one day they will know.

Do you know how many that die in this country due on daily basis due to neglect, lack of hospital equipments and drugs in a day? They are in thousands. But who cares. They are black people. The blood of blacks doesn't worth a thing. Especially, the blood of a Nigerian. They are killed without respect anywhere in the world, and in their own country. They have killing houses as hospitals.

The poor who die in these hospitals will be seen defending a Governor who travels abroad for medical treatment. Hopeless people. Is it your money? Is he not a Governor? He even got an allowance to treat himself abroad. That's when he didn't provide good hospital for the people he is leading. Slaves defending their slave masters.

Yes, you see you poor people? I call you idiots. You can't do nothing other than report this post to Facebook. Is that not what you guys are good at? No, you guys can actually do more. Call me a frustrated jobless fool who doesn't have a job. Isn't that what you will say? Hopeless animals who get paid by their oppressors to keep an eye on their fellow poor people.

Who is your President? A man without ordinary WAEC certificate. A bigot who has not only divided the useless country along ethnic and religious lines, but have also destroyed the economy. The southern idiotic leaders are praising the illiterate, urging him to go harder. They get paid and they keep sabotaging their own people. Anyone still respecting elders in Nigeria is a thief or a mischievous ignorant idiot. There is no two ways about it. If things continue like this when I become an elder myself, I will seek no respect from anyone. Disrespect me and call me an idiot. When you can't speak the truth, you worth no respect. It's worse when you call yourself an elder.

Look at them Nigeria Policemen.

They are even calling themselves police men. Men that stay on the road to collect bribe openly in the presence of little school kids. Idiots distorting the minds of little children. How can they be proud of this entity? They are growing up with something and that something is that it's good for policemen to be collecting money on the roads. Criminals on uniform. Killers of innocent men and women. protectors of the rich and killers of the poor. You soldiers are not left out. You are same with the police. Shameless people. Run away from Boko Haram, but kill innocent protesters.

Oh! Shame on you youths committing suicide. Fools who kill themselves instead of confronting their fears and oppressors. It is better you hit the street in protest. If you die you died for something. Confront your Governor, president and politicians. Use the energy against them. Put your life on the line if need be. If you die you died for something.
Don't ever tell us again that you are dying because your girlfriend left you. We don't want to hear it. She couldn't have left had it been these leaders are doing what they promised. So at least write that suicide note properly if you must take the option of suicide. Blame it on the President, governors and politicians. You can do better, and this is doing better.

God will punish you Nigeria men of God. The private jet pastors who continue to fool the people, and holding the chains of subjugation in trust for the evil politicians. Shameless politically correct individuals whose eyes is on what they will gain from politicians, instead of the well being of their faithfuls. You think I don't know what you mean when you tell them about patience? Pray for your leaders and wait on God. Con men who fool the people. Ndi Eze na aghọgbu ndi ha na chi. Nigerians will one day understand that you guys are one with the politicians. They will put you all where they put the politicians on that revolution morning. Only time will tell.

And what will you do? Threaten me with a curse? I don't fear your curses. So don't waste it. Keep it for those poor in mind fellows you all are fooling.

I didn't forget you Facebook influencers. Maradonas on Facebook dribbling the unsuspecting people. They think you really want a better Nigeria, but I know you are looking for a place in the government. Once that place is secured, you will use your pen to inflict pain on the people. I know you all, just that the people hardly know you guys.
You tell them about a better Nigeria, yet you know that a better Nigeria is impossible.

You tell them about restructuring, yet you know it won't happen.

Bunch of selfish liars.

The only people claiming patriotic Nigerians are politicians and Muslims who are at present enjoying the gradual Islamization of Nigeria.

Revolution is coming and it will end with an end to the fraud called Nigeria.

May it not catch us unprepared!

I am Elochukwu Ohagi, say I said!

First published in 2019. Mind you, when I wrote this, #EndSARS hasn't happened. And I can tell you for sure that revolution is still coming.

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