The highest risk to challenge One Nigería

The highest risk one can take presently is to challenge One Nigería, speak against the evils of politicians and demand for a referendum. That's enough for DSS to start tracking and tracing you. That's what every IPOB member is going through. They have given it all and risked it all. They have lost opportunities and put their precious lives on the line. They have been mocked and called names. Many have gone to prison and so many paid the ultimate price. They have done their work without pay and constantly they have put their own resources in to what they do due to their love for what they believed in.

These are men you call career agitators. I really laugh when some government recruited crimînals call core uncompromising IPOB members carrier agitators. People with fake name and with untraceable account calling people using their names carrier agitators. Funny. What is the gain in risking life? What is the gain in constantly using your resources to demand for the freedom of all? What is the gain in using your talent to work without pay, even when you burn data to keep yourself up to date?

Why should I become a carrier agitator when I can become a supporter of dub-ious politicians and gain both huge money and connections? Don't you know that an agitator might go to prison loose money, or even die? Are you guys insane? Do you even know what these men and women are sacrificing? Do you know the job they have missed because they don't want to compromise? Do you know opportunities that have come to most of us but seeing that there is tendency of dictating for us in future, we shunned them? I know of a lady that have been jobless for like 2 year and some months now, yet she is still struggling. No one knows what she is passing through.

You guys are really dumb. You really don't know how silly you sound when you make some certain assertions. Mad people will always be the first to call others mad. If agitation is a carrier, I will never wish to take up such carrier.

I see what I do here for Ndi Igbo as painful and hard. It is something that have brought much pains to my life and people around me. Get that into your fake accounts and lives.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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