The human brain is overrated sometimes.

People are paid to malign IPOB. Who pays these people? Answer is politicians.

How people expect these hallelujah boys to blame the Eastern politicians for the killings going on in the East is beyond me.

At peaceful and well organised #ENDSARS, the Nigerian government employed agbero boys to start destroying things and fight the peaceful protesters.

They wanted any means to refer to the peaceful protesters as violent people, therefore, they created violence.

This violence made them send their killer squad, the army and the police to shoot the peaceful protesters who were even waving the cursed flag of Nigeria.

We have established that the evil government usually infiltrate and carry out violence on any given peaceful protest.

Another thing to note is that whenever the government does this, they always have all the news outlets ready to corroborate their lies. Apart from the news channels, they also have willing and ready online hallelujah boys who defend and propagate government propaganda.

Now, fast-forward to the East. The day ESN was formed, my question that day was when will the Nigerian version come out to cause havoc so that the paid pipers and the slave media can do the rest?

You can imagine people who were adamant at not having an Eastern security outfit all of a sudden forming EBUBE AGỤ. I knew that ebube agụ was created for chaos which we now see today.

When you are being paid to make people think in a certain way, you must justify that money.

These paid agents want us to believe that there has never been a political killing in the East since lugard till ESN came. They want you to believe that ESN is responsible for all the sundry cult activities going in both markets and higher institutions in ala Igbo.

These paid pen writers feign love for the land to buttress their lurking agenda.

One Oko-oko wrote about the cult killing in Ọka but you needn't read in between the lines to decode how he was making innuendos at IPOB.

In all these, they exonerated the people whom they voted into office. No individual has armed non state people more than politicians especially during elections. How do they recover these guns? Show me a politician on seat who doesn't belong to one cult?

At ọnisha main market, you who bought television is equally taxed by government agbero to pay for buy something. If you check the volume of transactions that go on there, you can then appreciate what could be generated in a day there. Mind you that the agberos who collect these monies are proud cult boys. Different locations have different cults manning them. This always gives rise to clashes when one trespasses.

Another thing to note is that the police is in cahoots with these cult groups collecting illegal revenues. The police look away and admonish you to settle them and go your way.

These are indicators of a failed state. But however, there must always be a fall guy somewhere.

You have seen the power of the media, you have seen how the good guy becomes the bad guy with the power of the media.

IPOB is under serious media attack now because actually this is the right time to do so.

Anyone still using 60% of his energy for Simon Ekpa and DOS feud is either naive or a willing destroyer.

NB, I wish I had any strength to make even one argument here.

Written by Ad Jectives
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