the infiltrators are totally disoriented, weak, frustrated and pained

The blackmail, lies and threat to life from the infiltrators proves to the fact that the infiltrators are totally disoriented, weak, frustrated and pained.

They have nothing to hold on to other than dish out threats and lies. Suddenly, I have become powerful and super that they accuse me of working with DSS and Nigeria government. That's the same person they called poor school Teacher.

They are pained and this is blackmails are the result of their frustration.

One thing is certain. We warned you guys about your crimînal tendencies. But you guys thought you can lie your way out. We told you that lies can travel fast, but truth will overran and overtake it, but you all refused to listen. Have majority of the people you all fooled not seen the light and left?

We told you guys to stop using IPOB to conduct illegal fundraising, you all refused.

We told you to stop committing crimes using IPOB and you guys refused.

You lied against IPOB leadership and fought to destroy IPOB leadership. That's the same IPOB leadership paying IPOB lawyers. But you all want them destroyed. You claimed you love MNK, but you want those paying his lawyers destroyed. You want IPOB to be destroyed.

You claimed you are in charge of ESN and conducted fundraising for ESN you know nothing about.

To mock MBranch, you organised crimînals in one run and called them MBranch.

You recruited crimînals who started intimidating and kidnapping Biafrans. You fooled lots of people to go out of control, create a situation of chaos as to invite zoo military to destroy our land. You worked to lure IPOB into an unprepared war as to crush IPOB.

Imagine that we let these guys succeed. Ask yourself what will be the lot of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Imagine that they scattered IPOB with their lies.

Today, they all have been exposed. And one of them had to go and prepare lies against me thinking they will succeed. They have shown their frustration. And they will soon embrace defeat and shame. It is all over.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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