The infiltrators

The infiltrators actually planned well and did a wonderful job I must confess. The IDUU queen in America was at her best, and her Showman in Finland was too fantastic in what he is doing. These two collabo will be written in history how they nearly ended the struggle for the restoration of Biafra.
The two criminals came in within two years and made huge impact. They found their way into the heart of the struggle and got many to their side.
They did not only win the hearts of supposedly hard cores as they called themselves. They also won the hearts of some IPOB media warriors and media supporters.
They also got even some ESN members to join their side. I said shame on them. Imagine that they got the entire ESN to their side? That would have been the end of ESN. They will just fund them for a while, get their details and then hand all of them over to the zoo. One thing these guys that joined these infiltrators don't know is that by now the zoo have all their details. The plan is to unmask ESN using Nelly and Ekpa. They told you DOS betrayed when it was them that betrayed and you foolishly followed them. In less than one month that MNk was kidnapped and rendition to Nigerịa, they started sending millions to you guys and you didn't ask how come. Shame on all of you. They will so deal with all of you that you will so regret yourselves.
Some of you fronting as their media team, I only hope you started something with the money you got? Because the money is about to stop flowing. IPOB media is already atta-cking the source of the money which is from the politicians claiming they want Igbo presidency. And when they notice the damage IPOB campaign will do to them, they will call off the game. Yes, it is a game.
Watch and see. Clówñs.
Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022

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