The last broadcast of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu 2 weeks before his abduction in Kenya.

MNK🎙️:. “But there is one thing I want all of us to understand this very evening. We are facing a very formidable array of enemies, both external and within. And we are going to overcome each and every one of these obstacles. That, I can assure you….That they may know that the God we worship is an invincible God. Not a God that was wroth by hands of men. For we do not worship idol and we can never ever worship idol. It’s impossible!

This very family of IPOB belongs to the Most High. And that’s how it is going to be until Biafra comes, and beyond, till eternity.

This evening, I want to place it on record that our enemies are intensifying their attacks against us from every corner. I am not saying this as lamentation or complaint. I am only trying to prepare our people for what is to come. The time has come to separate the chaff from the wheat. Our March is very very near.

The enemies are trembling and quaking, trying to do all they can to stop us. But they have failed very woefully, and they will continue to fail.

But I must say that we are getting attacks from everywhere all over the world. And very soon, they will buy some of you over. The spirits of Ukpabi Asika and Ifeajuna are still in some of you. When the time comes, they will buy some of you over.

I am doing this programme tonight, not to ask all of you to be strong. I am doing it to remind you that if they succeed in buying you over, you are not going to stop what we are doing. You can’t! You cannot, not in a trillion years. But I need you to appreciate one very simple fact: That at the end of this very race, everybody will testify that indeed ChukwuOkike Abiama, our own very God is indeed Omini-Potent and Owner of this Biafra agitation. No human can stop it.

We have enemies, and we need to be very very careful. Both enemies within and without. Very very careful. The next two weeks will be pivotal. Next two weeks will be very very important in this very mission that we have embarked upon.

The devil will do everything, and you are going to watch spectacularly how we are going to destroy and shame the enemy. That at the end, every glory and adoration will belong to God and not to man.

Now let us go and tell you what some of you do not understand. I want those of you who are hardcore, who were chosen before you were born. There were some people who were chosen before they were born to agitate for Biafra Restoration. This is a message for you. Those who from their mother’s womb, they were born to do this very work.

You must be very very strong, because Biafra will open the eyes of black people all over the world; because Biafra will mean that blacks from America, blacks from Caribbean, blacks from South America -they will all flood into Africa. It will be like when Yeshuah (Jesus Christ) was born. Biafra is like a light, a beacon. They will follow it. They will say let us go and see what’s happening there.

That is what the neo-colonialists do not want. They don’t want Biafra to come. I am telling our people so they will understand the mountains in front of us that we need to overcome. And for us to overcome it, we need to be very strong mentally….”

(Being Excerpts From Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s Last Broadcast Before He Was Abducted In Kenya And Extraordinarily Renditioned To nigeria)

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