The leadership of IPOB Memo

The leadership of IPOB, the DOS had on several occasions through our publicity Secretary maintained that IPOB is a non violent freedom movement pursuing the liberation and freedom of the Biafran people. Criminality against, kidnapping and killing of Biafrans, who are the foundation of our Fundamental principles and objectives have never been nor ever will be part of our methodology in the pursuit of our freedom and Sovereignty.

The DOS has also maintained in many of our Radio broadcasts that IPOB has no faction, has nothing to do with any so called government in exile. IPOB is one indivisible family led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The ESN, a child of necessity set up for the singular purpose of protecting our land, forests and farmlands from Foolani terrorists has only one C in C Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

The attached letter was one of such efforts by the DOS to properly inform media houses in the Zoo called Nigeria of these facts. However, some media houses have continued to show that they are part of the grand plot of the Nigerian government and the British government to destroy Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the DOS, and IPOB and stop our march to freedom.

The DOS hereby give notice to the Nigerian Media houses that we will begin to explore the option of taking legal action against media houses or individual journalists that continue to attribute crimes committed in Biafraland to IPOB when they actually know that the individual behind these sacrilegious crimes in Biafraland were never part of IPOB, is not part of IPOB and will never be part of IPOB, that attribute the enforcement of or enforcers of the Monday SIT-AT-HOME to IPOB or as operatives of the ESN who have no business with any Sit at home or its enforcement whatsoever.

We have decided to make this letter public because our investigation shows that the Nigerian Guild of Editors has not made this letter available as we requested it, to all Editors of the media houses in Nigeria.

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