I will start by calling out the main culprit which are the POLITICIANS. They've deviced plans in so many ways on how to deceive you into thinking that those who are toiling and suffering with you is your problem simply because they speak of freedom. They even go to the extent of recruiting otellectuals to write you into thinking that your demand for freedom is the cause of all your predicaments today. All are lies.

First of all, was it citizens that build roads, standard schools, railroads, electricity, seaports, developments and creates jobs for citizens in another countries? When you answer those questions, then you will began to know were your problems originated from. Where all this put in place and they came agitation? NO

They steal everything given to them to better the lives of their people. They not only impoverished the people, they take away all their existence, turned them into zombies without a mind and brain of their own. Out of frustration, the people now believe that all their problems can be solved in a church or a spirit being above, without knowing that it's actually men and women like them that are the holders of their destinies. They now believe in superstition. What a tragedy that can happen to a race or people.

Until we start fighting directly, those who are responsible for all this instituted hardship instead of freedom fighters as the otellectuals want us to believe, we may be mocking ourselves. POLITICIANS is your problem not freedom fighters dying daily that we may be free from their shackles.

┬ęChukwudi Samuel, 05 03 2022

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